Imagine You Go To Answer The Call of Nature & See These Toilets Staring Back At You! #9 Is EPIC!


It is often said the best of ideas strike when we spend time in solitude on that pot. Most of us have had our ‘EUREKA MOMENT’ during this precious personal time. Just to play along, why keep these toilets boring & dull? Make your personal space as wacky as possible. With this, your thoughts also get wackier. Here are some of the craziest toilets we came across.

Happy potting & happy thinking!

1. Because taking a leak in a coffin is not crazy… at all!

2. Time is precious. You can now multi-task with this hi-tech pot.

3. The robot will help you zip your pants after your job is done.

4. I think just about anything can be made sexy. For that matter even a bowel movement with this alluring pot.

5. You can now take a dump while you relax in the confines of your living-room. WOW. This must be the Invention of the Century!

6. What?! Common, where else would you get that much needed pressure from!

7. Okay, fellas. I promise to give you a million dollars if you use this toilet. Good luck!

8. Well, that is pretty inviting!

9. If you want to make that personal space musical.

10. Pot on a self-cleaning mode?! Is that what this is?

11. Finish your business and pull one of those rolls and take that walk of shame!

12. ‘Ipod’….Errr, we meant’ Ipot’. If you swear by the apple brand and have all those products, you may want to add this to your list too.

13. After all we spend most part of our day on that spot. Why not spend it with your loved ones? Seriously. It is only fair.

14. At least they were thoughtful enough to leave that piece of white cloth on the chair.

15. Sorry, we reserve our comments on this.