Are James Bond’s Gadgets Just Movie Magic? No? Some Of That Tech Is Real! Check It Out


It started out with the invention of the wheel, and then there was no looking back. Few great human minds just went on to astonish the world by inventing hundreds of such gadgets. While most of them have made lives easier, few others played a pivotal role in preventing crimes, and even helping few nations significantly during the time of wars. Let’s have a look at these tiny inventions of science which are great weapons in getting the wrong-doers busted.

1. Sophisticated Lighter

2. Spy Sunglasses

3. Cross Camera
This can hang around your neck like any normal holy cross and record everything that happens around you.

4. Detective Shoes
Used by the CIA to track conversations. The person who is going through a post would be intercepted, and the conversations would be captured through a bug and transmitter placed in the heel.

5. Pocket sized scanner

6. Waist belt with a camera

7. Hollow Spy Coin
A safe carrier of micro SD cards or memory cards.

8. Coca-Cola Spy Cameras
Coke cans are not always used for drinking

9. Lens on a watch dial

10. Lipstick Gun

11. Sophisticated Bat plane

12. Necktie Camera

13. Spy Voice Recorder
This can be handy even during office meetings. You don’t have to carry a pen and a diary to jot down important points.

14. Spy Pen

15. Shotgun Flashlight
Gadgets and sophistication are not just words that belong to the 21st century, here are few equipment which were used during the times of the world war.

16. Gloves with an embedded gun
While pretending to give a handshake, the opponent can be shot dead using this gun which is attached to the glove.

17. Assassination Umbrella

18. Watch with hidden Camera

19. Tree Stump Bug
It was used by the CIA to hear conversations of Russian agents, during the times of world war.