This Japanese Company Is Going To Build An ENTIRE CITY Under The Sea!


When Japanese Construction Company ‘Shimizu Corporation’ came up with the idea of putting solar cells around the moon to harvest solar energy and direct it back to the Earth, many thought that was ambitious and a long shot. Shimizu Corporation was not affected by this flak. In fact they turned all the more ambitious. Their latest mission claims to build an entire city that will sink to the ocean floor. Ambitious could be an understatement here!

Well, if you are wondering how Shimizu came up with such a bizarre and crazy idea, let us tell you it is simple. ‘Necessity is the mother of Invention.’ With the ever increasing population and limited land, someone had to think out of the box, think crazy and propose an idea not many would have thought of. Shimizu did just that. They have been futuristic in proposing this idea. The crux of the idea lies in designing a ‘Atlantis-like city’ which is powered by the energy from the sea-bed.

Shimizu believes in the possibility of sustaining life under water based on the following reasons:

  • There is a potential for sourcing sea-food
  • Water available can be desalinated
  • Energy can be obtained from various sources which help in conversion of form to another
  • The sea bed is a place abundant in resources.

If you are still wondering what this is and how it works, let us take you through what Shimizu is thinking for our future. They have unveiled their blueprints which throw some light on the designing of the underwater housing. They plan to have several ocean spirals which they call the ‘Blue Garden’. Each spiral will be different cities that can accommodate roughly 5,000 people each. The ocean spirals will be floating just below the surface. Each house will be one giant sphere, 500 meters in diameter which will sit just beneath the surface of the ocean. In and around these residential spots, they will have commercial complexes. Each ocean spiral will have an enormous floating dome at the surface which will be made watertight and can be retracted underwater as deep as nine miles during bad weather conditions. It is also interesting to note the usage of three-dimensional printers to create components of each ocean spiral from resin rather than concrete. To sum it up, it is a 500m sphere connected to the ocean floor by a 15km spiral umbilical cord.

While all this sounds perfect on paper, the question remains, “what about the energy on which we will survive?” Shimizu has a ready answer for this too. Scientists will use methanogens, microbes that convert carbon dioxide into methane which will serve as the main source of power. They also have something called the ‘Earth Factory’ 4000 meters below the surface from where scientists can mine zinc, copper and other natural resources.

This whole plan may sound like a crazy architect’s mind, but Shimizu strongly affirms that this is not one more pipeline dream. It is going to be real and very soon. They predict the construction to be complete in the next 15 years and another 5 years to erect. Obviously, this whole thing is going to come with an exorbitant price tag 25 billion dollars.

Shimizu’s next step: They are seeking financial help from governments and leading corporations to fund them in this gargantuan undertaking.

Will this venture become a reality or remain a blueprint? Only time will tell!