How To Keep Sex Alive After Marriage!


You must have often come across couples or even your friends who complain that ‘the excitement has fizzled out,’ after marriage. Have you experienced this too? Well, here are a few ways how you can keep the chemistry alive and booming even years after marriage.

1. Breaking The Ice
You might have fought with each other several times and loads of ego issues might have cropped up over time. However, if you want to keep the marriage alive, one of the best ways is to convince your brain to keep these problems aside. Remind your partner that it’s high time you get cozy and this will eventually ease the tension in your marriage.

2. Being Seductive
Even the smallest of gestures like sliding down the strap of that hot red dress and constant eye contact coupled with a little bit of teasing can play a vital role in igniting the sexual spark.

3. Displaying Your Affection
Simple acts like kissing, caressing and cuddling and assuring your better-half that your love for him/her is eternal and that you would always take care of the other will keep you glued even years after marriage.

4. The Famous ‘F’ Word
No, we are talking about foreplay. A prolonged foreplay helps both partners immensely in getting aroused thereby strengthening the emotional bond.

5. Tips To Reach Orgasm
Instead of complaining that your partner couldn’t help you get there, you need to talk to him/her about what exactly you expect and also reveal your sensitive spots and what you prefer. Nobody knows your body better than you, so it’s best that you tell your partner about it, rather than let him/her sweat on how to please you.

6. Erotic Experiments
Experiments make every sex session an interesting event worth anticipating, and you won’t feel like it is a mundane, routine affair. Don’t hesitate from trying out a new position, using kinky sex toys and an erotic massage before foreplay to spice things up….after all what happens in bed stays in bed. Being a little naughty, a little kinky won’t hurt anyone…now will it?

7. Understanding His/Her Needs
Buying that necklace, black dress, or that tuxedo which he/she always appreciated will leave your partner delighted and will increase the emotional value in your physical relationship.

8. Working Out
Trust me, the sex will get hotter and be better than ever before. It’s a well-known fact that a person who sweats it out at the gym is also great in bed. So, even if you are happy about the way your body looks, hit the gym just for the sake of a better sex life.

9. Body Language
Leave no stone unturned in grabbing the attention of your partner. After all, actions speak louder than words.

10. Indulging In Naughty Acts
Oh yes! Surprise your partner by asking him/her to join you in naughty experiments you haven’t tried before. Reading erotic literature together or viewing lovemaking scenes from your favorite flicks (for that matter even ‘Porn’) will make things a load more exciting.

11. Taking A Shower Together
Stripping down for a hot shower after a long tiring day, doesn’t just help you in calming down, but also makes a strong impact in your sex life. Even thinking of it gives you Goosebumps, doesn’t it?