Key Millennial Dating Trends Explained


In order to be effective in dating one must realize that there are some terms that they need to be mindful of. The following gives a brief summary of what one can expect when they are looking into the possibilities of connecting with a millennial:

  • Ghosting – When people refer to ghosting they are talking about someone that has simply stopped responding.
  • Catfishing – A person that pretends to be someone that they are not to gain the affection of someone else
  • FBO – This is an acronym for Facebook Official. This is a change in relationship status where both parties approve of posting pics with one another
  • DTR – This is the act of defining what the relationship is. Most millennials want to know where they stand before making assumptions.

The world of dating trends it helps to know what your generation is saying. There are so many acronyms, and social media has made it even more common to speak in code. This is why people that are dating millennials must be able to process what their potential mates are saying.

Free Spirits Roaming

A millennial generation is clearly a group that is much more involved into recreational activities. The legalization of marijuana in certain states has made stoner dating a very common concept. Dating a millennial that smokes is becoming popular even in areas where marijuana is not legal. It has just become the thing that has become much more accepted inside of the millennial dating trends.

High On Your Own Supply

It is more common for the millennial generation to bypass weed smoking by putting marijuana into other things. That has become one of the biggest activities when it comes to the stoner dating concept. In places where marijuana is legal, it is not uncommon to find lollipops that are marijuana-based. There are brownies and gummy edibles that have strong doses of marijuana.

For the stoner girl that finds herself getting high on a regular basis, it is fairly easy to see how things like edibles become perfect gifts for someone from the millennial generation. They are interested in trying new things. They want to be exposed to marijuana in new ways. For some couples that are dating that is what the dating experience involves. it is about trying new recreational drugs and seeing what the effects are.


Sometimes the dating experience works well, at other times there are going to be individuals that are just not interested in staying connected anymore. They will ghost without any explanation. They will decide that they don’t want to be connected to the person so they will simply back away. They don’t look for any exit strategy. They feel that it is easier this way.

Official vs. Friends With Benefits

Social media carries the heavy burden of deciding what your relationship status is. When someone is Facebook official it is essentially there a way of announcing their relationship to the world. This can have a number of repercussions. It is an important step in a relationship because it means that any other potential friends with benefits are now out of the picture if they are connected to the Facebook circle. It is the official way for a millennial to state that they are planning to be monogamous.

The millennial crowd that is still part of a friends-with-benefits environment is well aware that they are being intimate with someone without any type of relationship tags. This is a mutual understanding, and people that sign up for that should know what this trend is about.


Social media plays a big part in how the millennial operates when it comes to the relationships. A large majority of people that are discovering others online may look at posts and like these posts. They may even converse with the person. If they have failed to meet up, however, it becomes a term that is known as benching.

There are people that stay in contact online, but they fail to follow through offline. The recipients of these actions feel like they are essentially being put on the bench. Benching is the inability in taking a social media connection to the next step that involves an actual meeting in person.