These Kids Failed So Miserably At Hide & Seek That It’s Absolutely A D O R A B L E!


The kids never fail to amaze us with their innocence. And these little ones playing hide and seek are no different. Relive your childhood, with these toddlers, when we believed ‘If I can’t see you, you can’t see me’.

1. Hey kiddo, you get all the points for creativity but sadly your pajamas stands out.

2. “Hiding beneath a pile of wash clothes is such a no brainer. Let me hide under the basket.”

3. “Let’s have some fun on the merry go round while they seek me. Oh and I even get to choose my dresses”, thinks the cutie.

4. It would seem he got confused about the games. Or maybe he thought his hiding place needed a bit more color.

5. This one here is a winner. Looks like the bat man got a new mask.

6. “Hey dude! Don’t blow our cover.”

7. “Oh don’t bother looking behind the gator. He’s just a huge Star Wars fan.”

8. You are almost there buddy. Just a little more practice and you are good to go.

9. “I just hope they don’t sit on me. They won’t find me here, will they?”

10. “Oh! No. The socks got the wrong stripes. Hope no one notices though.”

11. “Dude let’s rock this game of hide and seek. I bet they won’t find our familiar faces anytime soon.”

12. This little one could beat a ninja, any given day, in the art of deception.  The two tiny feet don’t matter, do they?

13. “It’s not me under the sheet. It’s just the Disney princesses having a gala.”

14. “Let’s not be so difficult to find.  Two little feet and a hand peeking out shall do the trick.”

15. “This tree has a funny trunk and it even wears shoes!”

16. “That’s a stylish looking ghost there.”

17. “Let me hide behind my favorite toy.”

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18. This one’s totally revamped the hiding in plain sight concept.

19. And this one just took it a notch higher.

20. This little one almost nailed it. Only if the blanket was inches long.

21. Mental Note: “Ask mom to get a better table cloth.”

22. That’s one smart pants lampshade and it can roam around the house.

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23. “May be they’ll get distracted by the computer.”

24. “The box seems a little big for me, isn’t it? Am I supposed to hide inside it or just dunking my head is alright?”

25. Is that Lego bucket up in the air all by itself, because I can’t see anyone? Can You?

26. The door mat looks a little weird don’t you think? May be it caught some tan.

27. He had the perfect plan to blend in perfectly with the surroundings only his chameleonic properties failed to execute probably.

28. Didn’t they explain the rules to her?

29. The kid should have hidden the board games elsewhere. Lying on the middle of the floor, they kind of gave away her hiding spot.

30. “Come find me, if you can.”