King’s Avatar: Everything we know about Season 2


Fans of King’s avatar have been waiting for new episodes since Season 1 ended in June 2017. With season 2 being confirmed, viewers have been waiting for any update on the release date, plot, and characters. So, what do we know so far?

King’s Avatar, a Chinese anime, also known as ‘Quanzhi Gaoshou,’ has been an instant hit with many viewers from all around the globe. The show, based on a novel of the same name, follows the players of an online multiplayer video game called Glory. It dives into the issues faced by each of the characters and the challenges they face in the competitive world of e-sports.

Release Date

Initially, Season 2 was expected to be released in July of 2019. However, this was delayed, and no official update had been given. It was speculated that Season 2 would be released on August 16th 2019, the same date as the Chinese premiere of the King’s Avatar Movie.

As of September 2019, Season 2 has not been released, and the release date has unofficially been changed to November 2019. As Season 2 failed to premiere on the previous release dates, we wouldn’t get our hopes up for a November release, but it is possible.


Although no plot has been officially specified, we can assume that Season 2 will not follow the storyline of the web-comics to the letter. The first season re-arranged some plot points to form its own narrative, which is why we can expect season 2 to follow suit. As the web-series is over 1100 chapters, Season 1 of the King’s avatar anime has skipped many plot points. It is therefore difficult to tell which points will be included.

After the events of season 1 and the 3 bonus episodes, season 2 might focus on the formation and training of “Team Happy.” In the web series, Chen Guo and Ye Xiu form Team Happy, naming it after the Internet Café they both work at. We can expect that Season 2 will focus heavily on the recruitment of talented players for the team, although the order of these events is likely to be different from the original web series.

Many viewers have speculated that Season 2 might also cover the “Challenger League.” As this is one of the later events in the web-series, covering this event has the potential to limit the series severely. Therefore, the Challenger League might not be included in this season and might be saved for later seasons instead.


As the second season has the potential to focus on the formation of Team Happy, the following characters will be relevant to this season:

Ye Xiu


The main character of King’s Avatar, Ye Xiu is one of the first Glory players. Formerly known as Ye Qiu, he was a Battle Mage playing under the name of One Autumn Leaf. Currently, Ye Xiu uses the new character Lord Grim. He is skilled at all professions, creating new techniques and winning many League Championships. Ye Xiu will still be voiced by Chinese voice actor Zhang Jie, known professionally as Ketsu.

Chen Guo

After her father passed away, Chen Guo became the owner and manager of Happy Internet Café. She is Ye Xiu’s manager, and a former fan of his past player avatar ‘Autumn Leaf.’ Chen Guo is an experienced Glory player, going by the user name ‘Chasing Haze.’ Her role in the team is as a Launcher, and her management is essential to the team’s performance. Chen Guo is voiced by Mandarin actress Guanlin Ji.

Su Mucheng

A past member of Ye Xiu’s Guild, ‘Excellent Era,’ Su Mucheng’s new avatar ‘Cleansing Mist’ is the All-Star Launcher of the team. She is a Gunner, and she uses her weapon ‘Devouring sun’ to defeat her opposition. Su Mucheng and Ye Xiu were awarded the title of ‘Most Excellent Partners’ for 4 consecutive years, so their partnership is paramount to the team’s ongoing success. Xinzhu Tong will continue to provide the voice of Su Muchen.

Tang Rou

A waitress at Happy Net Café, she is smart and competitive. Rou Tang’s avatar is ‘Soft Mist,’ a Battle Mage with hands as fast as Ye Xiu’s. Voiced by Shiyu Qiao, she is often referred to as the most sought-after rookie player of the 10th server.

As far as we know, there haven’t been any changes made to the casting of the original characters from season one. We can assume that new characters will be added to the mix, but unfortunately, until more information is released, we won’t know for sure.

As there have been no official updates on the plot, characters, or release date, we are going to have to wait and see what Season 2 really has in store for us.