Do You Know Coca Cola’s Darkest Secrets? #1 & #4 Will Freak You Out!


You may hate it or like it, but you definitely can’t ignore it. Over the years, Coca-Cola has established itself as one of the most favorite drinks amongst the masses after water. Here are few interesting facts about the drink which the world doesn’t know.  The next time you buy bottles of coke to store them in your refrigerator, or use them for a party, these facts will definitely be remembered.

1. French Coca  
The name and the ingredients of the world famous beverage ‘Coca Cola’ were derived from a wine named ‘Coca’, invented by a French man named John Stith Pemberton. The original drink also contained the drug Cocaine among several other ingredients. ‘Coca’ became popular in several parts of the United States soon later. Cocaine was soon replaced by sugar syrup, and the new beverage came to be known as brand ‘Coca Cola’.

2. The Document of Ingredients  
According to Coca-Cola’s website, though the drink was manufactured and sold in bulk amounts, till 1919 the list of its ingredients weren’t documented. This confidential document was kept in a bank for almost 100 years, before moving it to a secret vault in the ‘World of Coca Cola’. However, many dismiss the whole confidential document theory as a publicity stunt planned by Coca-Cola.

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3. Racism
Several sources have stated that Coca Cola has racially discriminated several of its employees belonging to minority communities. The company had allegedly supported apartheid in South Africa. A lawsuit of 20 Million Euros was also filed against the firm by several activists, which the company settled in 2000.

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4.  Brominated Vegetable Oil
One of the most controversial ingredients of Coca Cola is brominated vegetable oil, also commonly known as BVO. This ingredient has also been used in other Coca Cola products like Mountain Dew. BVO contains an element called bromine, which is common to all ‘flame retardants’.  It’s said that BVO can lead to health hazards such as damage to the central nervous system, acne and several other problems over a period of time.

5.  The Pesticide Story  
Indian farmers discovered in the early 2000s that Coca Cola killed pests in crops, which led to a huge outcry across the nation. In 2003, the beverage’s sales in the country dropped by a significant 11% due to these allegations. A ban was imposed in 2006 in the state of Kerala after a lot of protests. However, the ban was revoked almost immediately by the state’s high court.  Manufacture of the drink is also said to suck out millions of gallons of water from various resources in India, which is another controversy associated with this reputed beverage.

6. High Fructose Corn Syrup
Coca-cola resorted to using high fructose corn syrup, a cheaper replacement to sucrose, an important additive in the drink. The ingredient just like BVO is said to be quite hazardous. The fructose Corn syrup used in coke is usually derived from genetically modified plants which is a great cause of concern.

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