Love Coffee Shops? Make Sure You Try & Visit Each One Of These Too!


Coffee is known to be the mostly widely consumed beverage. As a result, coffee shops have mushroomed everywhere from the biggest city to the quaintest little town. You start your day with that little cup of nectar, and you can pretty much live on it throughout the day. Coffee is no more just a beverage. It is a culture that is here to stay! We bring to you world’s best coffee shops. If you happen to be in any part of these cities, make sure you pay your visit to these coffee shrines. You can thank us later!

1. KronotRop, Istanbul

2. Screaming Beans, Amsterdam
USP: Strictly recommend Apple turnovers along with your coffee, if you happen to pay a visit.

3. Café Grumpy, New York
USP: Serves coffee from fresh roasted beans. And the coffee macaroon combination is a must-try!

4. AIA Coffee & Restaurant by Inês Aia – Porto, Portugal
USP: Vintage décor. Apart from the smell of the coffee bean that will lure you, the ambience and design of the café will want you to stop-over for sure!

5. Mind the Cup, Athens
USP: Come evening, this place also has a cocktail space and Athens’s best DJ’S churning out some nice music to go along with your coffee/cocktail.

6. Kaffeine, London
USP: Friendly baristas who serve you cup full of sinful ‘elixir’ (Read as ‘Coffee’)

7. Blue Bottle Coffee, Oakland
USP: Coffee that is almost as smooth as velvet.

8. Coffee Supreme, Wellington, New Zealand
USP: You get to enjoy your coffee with soda syrup. Sounds like a strange combination? But the patrons of this café will beg to differ!

9. The Coffee Academics, Hong Kong
USP: Coffee will be seasoned with a good sprinkling of pepper.

10. Dreamy Camera Café, South Korea
USP: A café that looks like a camera from the outside. Behind the café is a picturesque view! So, dream while you sip that cuppa and no one is going to stop you.

11. Bar Italia, London
USP: Open all day long. Because anytime, can be coffee time. For you never know when a coffee emergency may dawn!

12. Four Barrel Coffee, San Francisco
USP: They have an array of coffee beans displayed from which the coffee tasters can choose.

13. Trailhead Coffee Roasters, Portland
USP: Coffee on wheels.

14. Daylight Mind, Hawaii
USP: Café overlooking a pristine ocean. Want to grab some peace over a cup of coffee? This is the place to be!

15. La Cafeotheque, Paris
USP: Coffee beans that are roasted in-house.

This article calls for a coffee-break. I shall sign off and go sip on my cuppa!