How To Make Glow-In-The-Dark Cocktails


Move over Whiskey, Rum and Beer, which have been the most widely adored party beverages, and the best ingredients for a complete socializing experience. A new concoction on the block has caught the fancy of party enthusiasts, and has been creating ripples in the party circuit for quite a while now. This new socializer’s superstar, which has also been lending an artistic touch to party ambiences is called the ‘Aurora jungle juice’.

The Aurora jungle juice, when placed in front of a natural light source, looks pink, but addition of black light  creates an Aura of the ‘Aurora Borealis’(also called the ‘Northern lights’), a celestial splendor which involves appearance of a special light in the earth’s atmosphere. Black light also known as Ultra-violet light, is a lamp or a source which emits long wave UV rays of light which are hardly visible to the human eye. The black light also emits a minimal amount of visible light. Incandescent bulbs and customized fluorescent lamps are good examples of black light sources.

Hence, the drink doubles as a great socializing catalyst and a shiny disco light in a scarcely lit dark atmosphere. The drink, which has been intriguing to many, has also garnered lot of curiosity amongst Internet users, who have been thronging YouTube and other online sites to know more sbout the so-called incredible discovery.

The beverage is a baby of ‘The Campus Companion’, an initiative to help college students shape up their academic and social lives equally, and originated at their party lab. the constituents of this jazzy looking drink are Vodka, tonic water, pink lemonade and black light. Online sources claim that this juice is not just confined to socializing freaks of  plush party hubs with thick wallets, but is also well within the reach of the average Tom who calls his friends over to his modest home for some good time over the weekend. Yes, that’s right, the drink can be made at home, they say, provided you have those right ingredients.

Ideally you require (you may add a little more or less depending on your sensitivity to alcoholic beverages) – 2 liters of Gin or Vodka, 9 liters of Tonic water and 3-4 bottles of Roses Mojito Passion or 3-4 Canisters of Pink Lemonade Concentrate ice can be used as an alternate. All these ingredients have to be mixed together and thoroughly shaken before adding the ice to make the drink feel complete. It’s really important to add the ice just when you are a few seconds away from taking your first sip.

Recently, the disadvantage of a home-made Aurora was posted by a user on a website. He says that his first attempt at re-creating the glamorous drink flopped, thanks to the cheap back light he had purchased from the nearest ‘Dollar store’. Though the drink did look pink in natural light, the economical back-light was the reason for the misfired attempt. However, the failure didn’t de-motivate this guy from experimenting, he made another trip to a good hardware store to buy a better back light. Though he did succeed to a great extent this time around, the results were not very astonishing. He feels that the Aurora juice pictures are fabricated to a great extent, since the Aquamarine color tone of his Aurora (under the influence of black light), didn’t quite match up to the jazzy pictures of the beverage uploaded online. Yet, he says, that taking out your precious time to make this drink, is definitely worth it and should be given a try.

However, few comments posted on a couple of online discussion forums give a whole new perspective about the drink. While one of the Aurora juice fans has stated that the drink leaves you with your brains smashed and is one hell of a roller-coaster ride in itself,  few other online readers and party regulars have opined that the Aurora jungle juice is not the new fluorescent drink as claimed. According to these individuals, Tonic water alone has the quality of being fluorescent when subjected to UV light exposure, and all the hype surrounding the new found drink, that lends an aesthetic touch is unnecessary.

Kareemachan, an internet user, has revealed that he along with his college buddies discovered a similar drink which was christened ‘Hop, skip and go naked’ which consisted of Beer, Vodka and pink lemonade concentrate, and such fluorescent drink stunts have been occurring for ages.

Before all the theories, speculations and opinions of different online sources tempt us to quickly draw a conclusion about the sparkling beverage, rushing to the nearest stores and grabbing all those necessary ingredients to make the drink, before the weekend rolls, is totally worth a try if you want to leave no stone unturned to impress the new chick in your gang.