Things Every Man Must Experience At Least Once In Life!


All of us have our own ‘To Do’ list; it could be buying a house, settling down before 30 or even setting some ambitious career goals. While it is good to have these big things on our check list, it is also important not to miss out on some other equally important things which we mostly tend to neglect. Here are 22 things every man must experience at least once in his life. Does your bucket list have these?

1. Do A Part-Time Job
It is important to fend for yourself from early on, and a part-time job lets you do this. Apart from being financially independent, it will help you gain perspective and let you see the big bad world as is.

2. Make A Promise
Be it to yourself or to someone, do not break the promise come what may. There is certain kind of thrill every man should experience in making and living through the promise.

3. Experience A Heart-Break
Every experience comes with its share of learning and understanding. It is okay to have your heart broken. This will let you appreciate and value your future relationships even more.

4. Get Lost
Take a solo trip to someplace you have never been before, a place you have no idea about. Meet strangers and experience different cultures. Hitchhike to get to places, live in a random guest house en route and eat the local food. This will make you grow as a person and let you re-discover yourself. You may come back a new person with clarity. Travelling helps you adjust and adapt to any change instantly.

5. Live Alone
Stay alone. Do your chores and errands by yourself. It helps you grow as a person.

6. Experience Failure
It is absolutely okay to fail. In fact, it is the imperative step towards success. You are who you are because of your failures. Learning from your mistakes gives you maturity.

7. Conquer Your Deepest Fear
Do something that scares the hell out of you. There is no better adrenaline rush like facing your fear head on.

8. Quit Something That You Love
It takes a lot of courage to give up something that is dearer to you than your own life. Only a ‘real’ man can do this. Try it. There is nothing better than conquering something that controls your day-to-day activities.

9. Babysit A Child
After all, learning to change diapers is a life skill you must know. Plus it will teach you immense patience.

10. Start Something On Your Own
It is of paramount importance to start something of your own. Be it small, watching something grow which you created is immensely satisfying.

11. Cook
Cook something so well that nobody cooks it like you. Make it your ‘Signature dish’.

12. Read To An Old Person
This is one of the joys that must be experienced to know how good it is.

13. Climb A Mountain
Hate or love adventures, you got to climb a mountain, like in the words of the great Edmund Hilary, “It is not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.”

14. Be A Wingman To Your Friend
Want to prove your friendship to your bro? Be his wingman.

15. Pitch A Tent
There is definitely something manly about pitching your own tent. Also learn to fix a tire and other lifesaving hacks. This will give you a sense of self-sufficiency.

16. Witness The Birth Of A Baby
You will truly appreciate a woman, her strength and perseverance after this.

17. Volunteer
Volunteer for a cause. Give your time to someone in need.

18. Making A Total Idiot Of Yourself In Public
Be a total jerk once in a while and don’t give a f*ck about it.

19. Doing Something Out Of Your Comfort Zone
Life is too short. Try everything.

20. Ask Someone Who Is Way Out Of Your League On A Date
For all you know, you may get a ‘yes’ for your confidence.

21. Take A Random Trip
Fly to a far off location, only because your favorite band is playing. The idea may sound bizarre to some, but it is totally worth the experience.

22. Do Something Totally Whacked Out With Your Girlfriend
It could be as crazy as jumping off a board into the ocean together, a naked walk on the beach or anything that will leave y’all invigorated in the end.