How Many Of These Infamous Females Gangsters Do You Know About?


When we hear drugs, sex scandal, murder and terrorism, we instantly think of a man behind this heinous & abominable act. We have always associated woman as equivalent to peace-loving, serene and truthful. Well, don’t be deceived by the gender. Yes! There can be women gangsters, racketeers, law breakers, criminals who have committed unpardonable offences. It is so much easier for a female gangster to get away due to the gender advantage on her side. Just to debunk the myths you hold about how gender has an association with crime, we present to you in shame 10 most notorious female gangsters.

1. Elizabeth Bathory (Countess Dracula)
Popularly known as the ‘Blood Countess’ of Hungary. She served as a noblewoman of Hungary. Most prolific serial killer and known to feast on blood. Savagery ran in her family. Her aunt practiced witchcraft. Uncle was a devil worshipper and pedophile. This could have influenced her wicked and sadistic behavior to a large extent. She was known to have killed around 650 girls and cleansed her body with their blood!

2. Sandra Avila Beltran
A Mexican drug cartel dealer. Popularly known as Mexican Drug Queen. She used sex as a weapon to get to the top of the Mexican drug game. She has been charged with organized crime to traffic drugs. She is also accused of possession of illegal weapon and currently serving a sentence for the same.

3. Arlyne Brickman
She has been a mafia informant and prostitute. From early on, as a teenager she got herself involved with small-time Italian mobsters, hung out in shady night bars and helped them run drugs.

4. Laura Zuniga
Laura was a Mexican model and beauty queen. She had been charged against being involved in a drug trafficking scandal in 2008. In the same year she along with seven other men were arrested for allegedly carrying a whopping amount of US$53,000 two AR-15 rifles, three handguns, 633 cartridges of different calibers, and 16 cellphones. If we have heard it right, she is supposed to be back in the modeling industry after being released from jail.

5. Biljana Plavsic
Biljana is the former president of the Serbian Republic. She has been responsible for many deaths. Known as a war criminal, her charges include two counts of genocide, five counts of crimes against humanity and one count of violations of the laws. As of 2009, she has been released from jail.

6. Angela Sanclemente
Angela is a Colombian lingerie model. She is known to have been the ring leader of one of the world’s largest drug market. She was arrested after finding her with a suitcase 121 pounds of cocaine. She was barred from re-entering Argentina after her release from the jail.

7. Griselda Blanco (The Black Widow)
Blanco has been accused of more than 200 murders while she was in the cocaine transporting business. Much of her insensitive behavior is because she had a very abusive childhood. She is more famously referred to as ‘Black widow’, ‘Queen of Cocaine’ and ‘Black Widow’. She was also rumored to have killed her husbands, hence the name ‘Black Widow’.

8. Bonnie Parker
Bonnie Parker and her boyfriend worked as a team along with many other people and were involved in kidnapping, killing and robbing. Bonnie got famous when a famous picture of her holding a cigar was found. However, this did not continue for long, as the couple was shot by Texas Officers.

9. Maria Leon
She has been the critical person behind a human smuggling ring. She was a mother of 14 kids. When she was stuck in the border town of Mexicali, she had to attend the funeral of one of her son who succumbed to a shoot-out by the police. However, as it was difficult to cross the border legally, she sought help from her own criminal gang to reach USA where the funeral was happening. However, officers present at funeral procession for her son, did not miss her.

10. Archana Sharma
She is India’s most wanted gangster, responsible for kidnapping and a murder case. She has been girlfriend of an International gangster Om Prakas Babloo. They are into big time gambling, extortion and human trafficking. She is still on the lookout by the police.

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