No Matter How Strong Your Morning Coffee Is, It Won’t Beat This Cup Of Coffee


To most folks coffee isn’t just a beverage; it is also a sacred ritual, to partake in the wee hour of dawn. Some would even say it’s the only incentive to get them out of bed. There’s something about that first cup of caffeinated brew that just makes the day seem less dreary. Like there’s nothing unnatural about waking up at an ungodly hour ready to battle demons the rest of the day might conjure up. This ethereal potion is just what the doctor ordered to drive away those morning blues.

So how were these magic beans found? As many of us believe it wasn’t birthed in America in fact it all began in the horn of Africa. To be precise it was first sighted, being consumed by the slaves in the Ethiopian province of kaffa. These slaves were transported from Sudan into Yemen and Arabia. Coffee was cultivated in Yemen by the 15th century and to prevent it from being grown elsewhere the Arabs forbade exports of coffee beans to other countries, which was circumvented in 1616 by the Dutch who bought it into the Netherlands to be cultivated in green houses. From there it spread like wildfire across the globe and the rest is history.

Coffee is exponentially beloved everywhere. There isn’t an adult over a file mile radius that hasn’t had a cup in this lifetime. There’s literally a coffee shop at every street corner. Suffice it to say people cannot get enough of this bitter concoction. Let’s face it we don’t exactly drink coffee to entice our taste buds with it. Although this does not restrict us from consuming it with wanton abandon. If you desire your day to be full of neurotransmitters like, serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline, coffee is your guy. If you’re chugging it every day wishing you were intravenously connected to this stuff then you might want to try something stronger. Hard drugs are the thing of the past, being a coffeeholic is all the rage right now.
Coffee brands are constantly striving to innovate itself to produce stronger brews to satisfy its customers. And one looks to have succeeded in this quest of finding a brew strong enough to leave the rest in the dust. That is, if you don’t mind the occasional heart attack do feel free to try this with 200% more caffeine than in an average cup. Mike brown a coffee enthusiast from New York is claiming to have created world’s strongest coffee. The coffee has been aptly named death wish coffee which is backed up with a warning not to drink more than two cups a day or you will live to rue the day. Mike the owner of a coffee company for 6 years came up with this idea whilst he was frequently being barraded with requests from customers craving strong coffee. Mike said: “All of the premium dark roast coffee on the market was not as caffeinated as the lighter roasts. Customers would come in and say, “Give me a cup of your strongest coffee.” and I would reply, “We serve nothing but the best coffee here, but our strongest tasting coffee is not our most caffeinated coffee”. A puzzled look would usually follow.

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He said: “I made it my mission to find a coffee that is dark, rich and flavorful but also has high caffeine content. All while being grown organically fairly traded, and shade grown. Death Wish Coffee, which is also bird friendly and kosher, can be bought online for £13 for a 1lb bag. It has more than 20,000 likes on Facebook and has caused quite a stir, where punters have left comments raving about it and one even called it the “best coffee on the planet.”

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Death Wish Coffee is said to be the world’s strongest coffee. It is made from Robusta coffee beans which are much higher in caffeine than Arabica coffee beans. Arabica is the coffee generally used in most commercial coffees and coffee houses. Death Wish Coffee advertises that their coffee contains 200% more caffeine than a standard cup of coffee. A 12 ounce coffee, brewed using the drip method would contain 217mg, so 200% more would put a 12 ounce serving at 651mg. (Death Wish advertises 660mg/12 fl.oz. cup)Consumers must also follow Death Wish Coffee’s brewing instructions to arrive at the advertised caffeine content. They recommend using 2 1/2 tablespoons of finely ground coffee per 6 fl. oz. of water. This coffee is only for those who have a tolerance for caffeine and who can handle high amounts of caffeine. This just may be the strongest coffee in the world. But like in every other spheres of life there are skeptics and haters who cannot seem to comprehend the theory of a coffee that turns deadly if not used with caution. So there’s no way of knowing until you try it for yourself. But do proceed at your own risk.