These Might Be Some Of The Strangest Websites That You Will Ever See, Especially #4


While internet serves as a platform for plethora of information, it is a mixed bag of good, bad and weird information. We did a random check and found some goofy websites which is so random, and eccentric that will make you want to strangle yourself. Nevertheless a killer timepass!

A site dedicated to zombie lovers. Fascinated and intrigued by zombies? This is the place to be! This is a social networking site for zombies. You can even date here and meet your destined zombie.

Did you ever doubt the existence of aliens even for a minute? Then this website will make you believe in their existence. It will give you the story about all the people that went missing randomly who were abducted by aliens. Who they were abducted by? How they were abducted? And more! This site will give you information which even news channels cannot give.

Brace yourself for this website spells out ‘spooky’. Want to send a telegram to a dead person? The owner of this site will help you do it. They ask a terminally ill person to memorize the telegram just before they pass out. By this way, the message will reach the dead. Mummmyyy!

We believe this site is only for the super intelligent species because I am not able to comprehend a thing from this site. I am in a dizzy right now. Oh, maybe it is a site to test your intelligence. Why don’t you give it a try?

This one made me laugh relentlessly. Want to check if your computer is ‘On’, go to this site. I am not exactly sure how you can hop on to the site when your computer is switched ‘off’. (Can’t STOP laughing!)

Want to stalk a plane legally? Log on to this site. It gives you a live update about every single plane every minute in any part of the world. Get to this site and try and solve the MH370 mystery!

This site is lamer than you expect. It curates all the lame posts from Facebook and posts on its site. Want to feel intelligent and superior? Check this site out!

If you are the kind of person for whom ‘I don’t like hot spicy food’ is a deal breaker on a date, you must get to this online dating site and you can be assured to meet only prospects who love hot sauce. Lol!

Control a line in 3-D with just your mouse. Weird but I love it. Kind of makes me feel empowered!

Cat lovers! There you go. You found your website. It is a website with a cat GIF and random song. Heads up, Cat looks weird.

Check out how many people are alive one by one. It is ok. Not so freaky, we think. Did we mention, first page has 7 billion people alive. If you have a day off and nothing to do, try this.

This one is hilariously spooky. Try it to experience it!

This is a dating site for offenders. Motto of this site is ‘Life is short, have an affair’ Blown away! They must be quite gutsy to come up with something like this.

Because having a steamy affair with your cousin is not a weird at all!

If you have a little sinister side to you and wish to find out who was killed or murdered on your birth date, check this site.

Furious with your boss? You can slap an eel over his face how many ever times you wish to. Just imagine that guy to be your boss.

At first it looked like it was pointless, but a few moments into it, I found it oddly satisfying to watch a bunch of kittens bounce up and down my screen.

Oh dear good Lord! I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much. You will need head phones for this. You have to check this out. It kind of makes you believe in the adage ‘Anything is possible’!

I am so grateful to have been alive to witness a bat move along the verticals of my screen while it farts!

Donate some money to someone for no apparent reason. Wow. This must be the real test for generosity.