You Might Wanna Avoid These Cities If You Are Planning A Vacation Anytime In The Near Future!


Living in the same city for many years can sometimes lead to monotony, which might make one think of exploring other living options across the globe. However, there are few people who have been forced by circumstances to lead their lives in places infested with inhuman conditions. Perhaps these places have been cursed, which is why urban development has not seen the light of the day here. Here are few of such dangerous places across the world.

1. Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Although this place is really famous for its beaches, its also known for excessive corruption and the drug-infested living communities. The cops who are underpaid, try trapping the foreigners, and extract money out of them.

2. New Orleans, USA

Also known as the murder capital of United States, around 95 murders for every 100,000 residents were reported here.

3. Karachi, Pakistan

This city belonging to the Asian sub-continent has been the center of political and ethnic issues. Difference in opinions amongst the people here often leads to riots and other similar forms of violence.

4. Baghdad, Iraq

After living under the shadow of dictator Saddam for decades, the bloodshed in Iraq hasn’t stopped. Baghdad was named ‘The most dangerous place in the world’ according to a 2008 survey of the magazine Mercer.

5. Caracas, Venezuela

This place was named the ‘Murder Capital of the World’ by the Foreign Policy magazine in 2008. Only in the month of December that year, around 510 people were killed. Even after supremo Hugo Chavez took over, the murder rate has just sky rocketed by 67%.

6. Manila, Philippines

The city is extremely prone to natural disasters making it one of the most riskiest places to live in. Other than the typhoon ‘Haiyan’ which killed thousands of people recently, the city also lives under the fear of high speed winds and possibilities of earthquakes.

7. Grozny, Chechnya

This place has been devastated as a result of prolonged wars with Russia, forcing many residents to flee for their lives. The others who braved the conflict and live here are constantly plagued by the war-like situation and local mafia.

8. Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Sadly, this border dangerous border town is heavily dominated by the drug lords. A record 2600 people were killed due to drug related conflicts, in the year 2009 alone. The top military and police personnel have been assassinated by the mafia, making them almost non-existent.

9. San Pedro Sula, Honduras

According to few online sources, its called ‘The murder capital of the world’. 169 homicides were reported for every 100,000 inhabitants.

10. Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

11. Kabul, Afghanistan

Termed as one of the most under-developed nations in the world, even walking through barren lands here could be dangerous due to the risk of stepping over land mines. Hence, the army personnel use helicopters to commute to even the shortest distances. You might wonder what would happen to this war-torn nation once the US troops pull out by 2014.

12. Norilsk, Russia

Home to the world’s largest smelting complex, the health hazards at this Russian city with 100,000 inhabitants have reduced the life expectancy only to around 40 years.

13. Beirut, Lebanon

Repeated bombings and violence has shredded the beauty of this beautiful middle-eastern nation.

14. Peshawar, Pakistan

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A breeding ground for terrorists and political uprisings, this Asian city has to be definitely avoided. Even travelling through the protected highways of Pakistan are considered unsafe.

15. Mogadishu, Somalia

The last functioning government here collapsed in 1990. The city lived under the shadow of terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabaab, until the African union fighters eliminated terrorist activities recently.

16. Jakarta, Indonesia

Since 40% of this city is under water, the soil of this land is relatively moist, making life riskier for the 17.7 million inhabitants. Any tremor could be devastating to the land due to the soft soil. Indonesia has also been the epicenter of the killer Tsunami of 2004 which was a nightmare for various Asian coastal nations.

17. Haiti

This small place in the United states, had recently got the world’s attention for its devastating earthquake. The residents still continue to live under the same threat.

18. Sudan

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Termed as one of the ‘poorest’ nations in the world, around 2 million Sudanese have lost their lives to civil wars which have been occurring since 1983. Repeated cases of rape, exploitation of human rights and employment of child soldiers have made this place really dangerous.

19. Pearl River Delta, China

This picture of the victoria harbor in Hong-Kong is enough evidence that China’s economic lifeline is under a threat of natural disasters. This delta region is inhabited by around 42 million people.

20. Caracas, Venezuela

It’s a hot bed of drug trafficking and murder. Its said that the government has manipulated the figures of those killed every year due to drug related violence in a bid to promote tourism, but on an average around 80 people are said to be murdered per100,000 residents.

21. Osaka Kobe, Japan

Since the devastating 1995 earthquake which killed thousands, the 14 million people are living under constant threat of earthquake. Its also the third city in the world which is most prone to tsunamis.

22. Sana’a, Yemen

Terrorist outfits rebelling against the government and other similar political conflicts have made this place rather unsafe. The British foreign office has reportedly asked all its citizens to leave the nation due to its dangerous atmosphere.

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