Mind-Blowing Vintage Photos That Give A Sneak-Peak Of Our Glorious Past


Many of you would probably agree that world history is quite glorious and has quite a lot to offer, especially to the inquisitive minds. Several emotions are invoked in the minds of those who are fascinated by the eventful past, when they see images from the bygone era. The feelings are eerie, creepy, disheartening, joyous and sometimes even surprising. Whatever said, these glorious (or even inglorious) images of the past are something you can’t easily ignore and in fact have been creating a lot of buzz on several websites on the internet today. Many believe in the saying ‘Pictures speak a thousand words’ and some of these iconic stills have even inspired people to write a thousand words about them. For instance, the famous image of cars stacked up in a garage in Chicago, clicked back in the 1930’s, has got many netizens talking. The pictures also give us a glimpse of our ancestors’ lifestyle and some people opine that monochromatic images have the ability to spark a feeling of nostalgia and that could be another reason why they are treasured. Well, we feel that these vintage photos are some of the few evidences of our glorious history that are still remaining and we need to preserve them. What do you think?

1. An unusual therapy procedure adopted by an American hospital in the 1950’s to treat children by using Ducklings.

2. A picture of an ‘Elevator Garage’ in Chicago, clicked way back in 1936.

3. This is how people protected themselves from hailstorms in 1939

4. This creepy moment was captured at a Cuban cemetery ( located in Havana) in 1899. The men in the frame are American soldiers. I wonder what they were trying to do.

5. That’s the legendary boxer, Muhammad Ali. All of 12, when this picture was taken (back in 1954), Ali wanted to knock down the guy who stole his bike. He was then noticed by a cop who influenced him to try boxing to channel his anger. Quite an inspiration, isn’t he?

6. The big daddy of Cuban politics, Fidel Castro, pays homage to former US president Abraham Lincoln at the latter’s memorial. A scene from 1959.

7. The notorious ‘Al Qaeda’ chief, Osama Bin Laden, during his younger days. Wondering where he is? The guy in green, second from right. A rare moment from the 1970s.

8. Guess what these boys were doing? Decades ago, ‘pin boys’ were employed to erect the fallen pieces. Thankfully, the automatic pin setters came into existence, later on. This image was clicked in 1914.

9. A 1910 photo of inventor Chester E. Macduffee with his baby, a swimsuit. If they continued to be in use even in the 21st century, probably you wouldn’t have tried scuba diving.

10. The jail cell allotted to infamous criminal Al Capone in 1929. Impressive, I must say!

11. Glasses made specifically for reading in bed, an invention way ahead of its time. Our ancestors were quite cool, don’t you agree?

Photo Credit: On The Picture

12. An unconventional approach to education. An open air school in Netherlands. This was a positive trend back in 1919 to curb the threat of Tuberculosis.

13. This is how the Nazi great dictator, Adolf Hitler, rehearsed his speech before addressing the masses.

14. Some of you might have come across this famous 1980 photo. This breathtaking moment was captured by photographer Ormond Gigli. It was Gigli’s way of preventing old buildings such as this and many others, situated in New York, USA, from being demolished.

15. You might have seen the mannequin outside that famous eating joint across the road. This is the real Ronald McDonald.

16. This image proves that Bobby Fischer is one of the greatest chess players in history. During this 1964 event, Fischer competed with around 50 opponents at the same time. Can you believe it?!16. This image proves that Bobby Fischer is one of the greatest chess players in history. During this 1964 event, Fischer competed with around 50 opponents at the same time. Can you believe it?!

17. A creepy group photo. Soldier’s posing with the carcass of a nun

18. A quirky protest

Photo Credit: On The Image

19. The blood stained glasses of the late iconic musician and ‘Beatle’, Sir John Lennon, after his assassination.

20. She’s Nena von Schlebrügge, the mother of renowned Hollywood actress Uma Thurman’s mother. Clicked way back in 1963, Schlebrügge was a model back then. Now we know the secret behind Thurman’s gorgeous looks.

21. A gym inside the ‘RMS Titanic’. One of the most luxurious vessels ever made.

22. Soldiers heading out for World War II express their love for the last time before the ship departs.

23. Filmmaker Steven Spielberg, during the making of ‘Indian Jones’ 3 decades ago. In 1980, to be precise .

24. The picturesque Golden Gate Bridge, easily San Francisco’s most famous landmark, being constructed in the 1930s.

25. Hair perming in the 1930s. Life is a lot less complicated now, isn’t it?