Amazing Movie Scenes Before And After Using Special Effects!


Scenes of superheroes scaling skyscrapers, gigantic monsters demolishing buildings and picturesque scenery have always fascinated and attracted you to the cinema halls. Do you have any clue how those mind-blowing scenes were filmed and what the actors experienced during these scenes? Get ready for one helluva ride filled with surprises, as these images prove how CGI has revamped the face of cinema.

1. This is how the shot from the movie ‘300: Rise Of An Empire’ looked before it made you skip a heartbeat at the movie hall.

2. The filming of this romantic song from the Bollywood flick ‘Chandni Chowk To China’ wasn’t as magical an experience as it seemed to be.

3. If you think all soccer matches in movies are jam-packed….think again! A still from ‘The Secret In Their Eyes’

4. Had they retained the original shot in ‘Life of Pi’, you might have not liked it as much. C’mon, isn’t that true?

5. The harbor from the iconic movie ‘Titanic’. Why don’t you try making one near your apartment, all you need is a couple of green mats.

6. Not so romantic now….

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7. A cute little dinosaur astonishingly grows into a gigantic tiger named Richard Parker in the movie ‘Life of Pi’

8. Being trapped in the gushing waters in the movie ‘Oz, The Great And The Powerful’ was quite an uphill task for actor James Franco…LOL!!

9. Fortunately there wasn’t a blaze of fire decimating the surroundings while shooting this scene from the blockbuster movie ‘Avengers’.

10. The beauty of Rivendell unveiled

11. The brilliance of CGI in Avatar

12. A scene from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ which was photographed at a place which is anything but a wonderland.

13. This guy from the movie ‘The Dark Knight’ looked really normal until the crew decided to make him prince charming.

14. Stunts from ‘The Matrix’ which made you doubt the existence of gravity. Unfortunately they couldn’t defy the force while shooting.

15. Well, the freaky Capt. Davy Jones from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ doesn’t look all that bad. Ladies, did you see this?

16. WOW! It’s amazing how these guys can change a place that looks like a hair salon to a freakin’ waterfall

17. No, they aren’t kids practicing to shoot. This is how the actors from ‘Godzilla’ braved the stormy weather

18. What looks like a romantic song sequence from a romantic high school musical is actually a laboratory from the movie ‘Robocop 4’

19. Actress Sandra Bullock’s character from ‘Gravity’ proves that you don’t need to be an astronaut to explore the universe.

20. The chaotic city in the movie ‘The Great Gatsby’…Look at the maddening traffic which the crew had to deal with while shooting…HATS OFF!!!

21. Have you seen a man evolve into an ape…Now that’s a first! And only the team of ‘Planet of the Apes’ could pull off such a feat.

22. Leonardo Dicaprio takes his family out for a vacation in the movie ‘Wolf of Wall Street’. This exotic place is filled with lush green carpets and giant white curtains.

23. That place from ‘Game of Thrones’ which you wanted to visit, but it never existed in the first place.

24. You don’t exactly need to rent a yacht to show that the actors are enjoying a luxurious holiday

25. Archers braving the icy, chilly weather while filming a scene for the movie ‘King Arthur’.

26. SHOCKING: The secret behind ‘Captain America’s powers revealed

27. The dreamy world of ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ which was hidden inside this blue wall

28. Actors of ‘300: Rise of An Empire’ involved in a bloody battle

29. How a beach turned into a battlefield in Wolverine!

30. The truth behind the birth of the monstrous ‘Godzilla’

31. The beautiful kingdom from the movie ‘Chronicles of Narnia’. What a great piece of special effect architecture

32. Getting the bedroom to face the sea was actually really easy for the makers of the movie ‘Twilight’.