What These Museums Preserve In Them Will Have You Scratching Your Head Saying WTF!


When you think about a trip to a museum, you think you are going to see a place where some of the most iconic parts of human history have been preserved. The last thing that comes to your mind is that a place called a museum would preserve something quite as strange as THIS!

1. Barbed Wire Hat, barb wire museum, Kansas.

Image Source: collectorsweekly.com

2. Ugly Paintings, museum of bad art, Massachusetts.

Image Source: roadtrippers.com

3. Toilet Seats, toilet museum in New Delhi.

4. Petrified Banana, banana club museum, Arcadia.

Image Source: list25.com

5. Replicas of Insane Asylums, Glore Psychiatric Museum in Missouri.

Image Source: legendsofamerica.com

6. Mechanized Monk, from Spain is displayed at the Smithsonian Museum.

Image Source: radiolab.org

7. Head Press, Museum of torture in Amsterdam.

Image Source: tripadvisor.com

8. Plaster Body Cast made during the autopsy of Chang and Eng Bunker, a set of identical twins in 1874 at the Mutter museum.

9. The Soap Lady, preserves in the Mutter museum after her body was burnt and chemicals put on her to turn her in soap.

Image Source: muttermuseum.org

10. 30 foot tapeworm, it was pulled out of a woman’s stomach and is now preserved at the museum of parasitology in Tokyo, Japan.

Image Source: roadtrippers.com

11. Ball of strings, this 1050 pound ball is at the Patee House Museum in Missouri.

Image Source: roadtrippers.com

12. Dog Astronaut Suit, museum of Jurassic technology.

Image Source: searchpp.com

13. Famous Cockroaches, cockroaches dressed as famous people in Plano, Texas.

Image Source: dunzo.net

14. Old Dog Collars, museum in Leeds Castle.

Image Source: dailymail.co.uk

15. Different Types Of Mustard, mustard museum in Wisconsin.

16. Two Headed Canine, Riga’s Museum of History of Medicine.

Image Source: thejournal.ie

17. Menstruation Pads, The Museum of Menstruation, New Carrollton, MD.

Image Source: thechive.com

18. Artifacts Touched By Those In Purgatory, Rome, Italy.

Image Source: thechive.com

19. Bodies Of Italian Luminaries, The Catacombs of Palermo, Palermo, Italy.

Image Source: ebaumsworld.com

20. Diseased hand, at the museum of abnormalities, the Mutter museum.

Image Source: viralnova.com