These Are Not Just You Average Everyday Deaths… These Completely Mysterious!


Death is inevitable. The time of our death is predestined or staged? Is it destiny that decides when we die and how we die or is it orchestrated by some evil minds? It was untimely, unfortunate, morbid and definitely remains a mystery till date. There have been many conjectures based on the information available during the death and after but the actual reason remains a conundrum.

1. Marilyn Monroe
It has been more than 60 years since Marilyn Monroe‘s death and it continues to remains an enigma. Not a goodbye, no last wish. She just slipped away. She lay in bed naked with the phone in her hand. Some theories suspect a suicide while some claim an overdose of sleeping pills. Whatever it was, with her gone, a legendary actress, a model, phenomenal singer and the biggest sex symbol died!

2. Amelia Earhart
She became the First female aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. She remained fearless all her life. She flew planes for fun! She vanished while she flew around the globe. President Franklin D Roosevelt, one of Amelia’s friends, ordered a massive rescue. The rescue took place for days. But, to no avail. Nobody exactly knows the chain of events that transpired while she was on that destined plane. Years after her death there were theories that she lived her last days as a castaway on Gardner Island.

3. Harold Holt
Yet another intriguing mystery has been the death of Australia’s 17th Prime Minister. Well, the story goes like he went into the sea for a casual swim and never came back. Since his death was unexplained, people came up with the most bizarre explanations that he was whisked away to China by a Chinese submarine or may be abducted by a UFO. And the usual suspects like accidental drowning, fallen prey to a shark and suicide. Although, there are numerous theories, no one is certain what really happened on that fateful morning!

4. Bruce Lee
This martial arts star complained of a slight headache, so popped a pill and he was gone. However, it is uncertain whether the pill caused the death or if he was killed by Hong Kong triads. The finger of suspicion points at the Chinese as it is believed that Bruce Lee refused to pay them protection money, something that was relevant at that time. However, one can say he had a lived full life! He would tell his wife ‘”If I should die tomorrow, I will have no regrets. I did what I wanted to do. You can’t expect more from life.”

5. Michael Jackson
Well, this legend needs no introduction. As soon as the news of his death spread, he had his fans in a state of shock. The entire world mourned. There are many stories surrounding the actual cause of his death. The most popular story goes like Jackson had reportedly fallen prey to an overdose of anesthetic. What many people question is whether the death was accidental or if there was a sinister agenda involved. With his end, an era came to an end!

6. Princess Diana
The death of the princess has raised many an eye-brow. While everyone knows she passed away in a tragic car accident, some people are of the belief that British Secret Service, the MI6, orchestrated the accident.

7. Kurt Cobain
He went missing for six continuous days. His death came to light when an electrician arrived at Kurt Cobain’s house on some work when he notices him lying in a pool of blood. Again, the reason is unclear. Suicide could be the best explanation as there was a handwritten suicide note but the hand-writing in the note did not remain consistent throughout. We leave you with the suicide note.

8. Elvis Presley
His doctors declared the cause to be “cardiac arrhythmia”. However, his die-hard fans still believe that Presley never died and is still living. We don’t know whether it is the extreme love of his fans that make them believe what they believe or Presley’s elusive nature for he always loved a low key life and wanted to run away from the spot light.

9. Natalie Wood
While it is certain that this famous actress got drunk, slipped off her yacht and drowned, rumor has it that her husband was mad about her closeness to Christopher Walken and thus he was instrumental in her death.

10. Bob Marley
While the world was told that this Legend succumbed to cancer, not everyone believed this in its entirety. Some people wanted him dead and were conspiring. They had previously tried to assassinate Marley. Hence, we cannot completely rule out the fact that cancer could be induced.

11. JonBenet Ramsey
She won the American beauty pageant queen. She was reported missing and then found murdered in the basement of her house. The needle of suspicion also points at her parents. The case is yet unresolved.

12. Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee like his father Bruce Lee also suffered death in a very strange circumstance. He was accidentally shot on a set during the filming of The Crow. Some people believe that the family was cursed as both the father and son duo encountered death in a bizarre way and both of them had untimely deaths.

13. Laetitia Toureaux
She boarded a metro one evening in Paris in 1937 and she happened to be the only one in the carriage. When the metro pulled into the next station, she was stabbed with a dagger in her neck. To add to the mystery, she led a very unusual life too. She had two jobs. She used to work in glue factory by day and by night she used to hop into dingy nightclubs worked as a surveillance and message-delivery specialist for a private detective agency. The investigation with respect to her death came to a stop during the World War II and has never been re-opened.

14. Harry Oakes
Well, he was the richest man in Bahamas and when you are the richest, there will be every soul associated with you secretly wishing to kill you to inherit the fortune. This is exactly what happened. After Oake’s death, the usual suspects were his son-in-law, his business partner, Harold Christie. However, till date no one knows who was behind Oake’s death.

15. Gareth Williams
William’s had the most bizarre and ridiculous death ever. He was found dead in a sports bag that had been locked from the outside. It was difficult to conclude that William’s had done this on his own as there was no evidence of his DNA found anywhere on the bag. By profession William’s worked for the British spy agency. Owing to his profession, William’s could have used some tricks to cover up his own death.

16. Frank Olson
The rumor mills have it that Mr Oslon consumed LSD by mistake at CIA and had the worst trip which made him jump from a 10 story building which claimed his life. However, Oslon’s family does not believe this is true and thinks there is something more to this which the CIA is hiding.

17. Death of 9 ski hikers at Ural Mountains
9 ski hikers were found dead on the night of on the night of February 2, 1959 in the Northern Ural Mountains. There are a ton of explanations to justify their death from paranormal activity to some weapon tests which were performed. However, avalanche damage is considered as one of the most likely explanation for this untoward incident. This incident has taken the name ‘Dyatlov Pass Incident’ named after the group leader, Igor Dyatlov.

18. Parveen Babi
The iconic Bollywood actress was found dead in her apartment. The cops broke into her flat after she had not collected milk and newspaper lying outside her house. It is unsure whether it was a natural death or suicide. She was found to have gangrene on the left foot as a complication resulting from her diabetic condition.

19. Sunanda Phuskar
She was found dead in her hotel room after a Twitter controversy that went viral. According to the initial reports, Mrs Pushkar was suspected of committing a suicide but the later reports indicated that her death may not be natural. One of the suspects has been Mehr Tarar, a Pakistani journalist who posted a series of intimate images of herself and Mr Tharoor on Twitter.

20. Serial mysterious deaths in Nebraska
Della Sorenson, killed a string of people which included her neighbors, family and her own daughter. She poisoned kids with cookies and candies. It is suspected that Sorenson has a disorder which makes her happy when she sees people dying.

21. Layne Staley
This American musician’s death is again very mysterious. It was for two continuous weeks that he was not in touch with anyone. There was no transaction from his bank account, which is when Staley’s accountant got suspicious and began the search. The cops broke into Staley’s house and found him dead on his couch with a stash of cocaine lying right next to him. The reason behind his death is still unclear whether he died out of drug overdose or whether it was a suicide.