What These Natural Disasters Can Do To Us Is Scarier Than Your Worst Nightmares!


Remember that movie 2012? The only ways to describe the events shown in it are, as natural disasters on a gargantuan scale. This leads us to the question, “what natural disasters are waiting for us outside Hollywood?” The answer is, these 10!

1. Buzz Kill
Scientists believe that due to chemicals and pesticides used today, colonies of bees are dying out because these pollutants are forcing the worker bees to leave their hives which means the young bees have no one to take care of them. How does this matter to humans? Well, if the bees are gone then food crops won’t get pollinated which will lead to food shortages and economic collapses!

2. Gamma Ray Burst
When a massive star collapses into a black hole, it initiates a supernova explosion. This can result in a release of energy that is equivalent to the energy our sun can produce in its entire life time. The side of the earth facing this high energy output would be completely charred and the opposite side will eventually die due to a lethal dose of UV radiation.

3. Biological Disaster
HIV is a disease that has already created havoc all over the world. Since it is an ailment that attacks the immune system, it is natural that the person suffering from it is vulnerable to infections. Now add a TB virus to the mix, making a HIV-TB virus, and you have a potential disaster on your hands!

4. Cyclic Methane Release
Global Warming can hurt the environment in way we can’t even fathom. One of the results of global warming is release of methane, a gas more dangerous than Carbon dioxide. Global warming causes the cyclic release of methane gas from the sea bed. When methane is released, it increases the temperature that, in turn, would release more methane from the ocean bed.

5. Yellowstone Super Volcano
Yellowstone National Park may look scenic and peaceful today, but what we are blissfully unaware of is the fact that this National Park resides on super volcano waiting to erupt AT ANY MOMENT. An eruption could bury the Rocky Mountains in 3 feet of ash, destroying building, farm lands, forests and killing masses of plant, animal and human life.

6. Solar Flares that can Kill
When NASA says something, we sit up and take them seriously. Well then, NASA predicts a massive solar flare that will come straight at the earth throwing unprecedented levels of magnetic energy at us. The good news is it was predicted to happen in 2013. Since, 2013 has passed; it is up to you how much you are going to take this seriously.

7. Mega Earthquake
Some scientists are pretty convinced that in time we will see an earthquake measuring 9, or more, on the Richter scale somewhere between California and Canada. The result of such an event would be destruction on a global scale because it might generate devastating tsunamis and might even trigger earthquakes around the globe through the fault lines directly below them.

Image Source: thequickten.com

8. Soaring Sea Levels
Most of us are no strangers to rising sea levels and the underlying cause. Even though the concept of global warming is disputed, there is no denying that the polar ice caps are disappearing and the waters are rising, which could mean that the sea is going to claim more land needed for flora, fauna and human habitation.

9. Drought
As kids we remember singing ‘Rain Rain Go away’. Well, now you, as adults, will be singing quite the opposite. In 2010, Texas was struck by a drought causing a lot of loss to human and non-human life. If you do not want to see another Texas episode, do what it takes to prevent drought.

10. Polar Shifts    
Some scientists have theorized that the poles of our planet don’t always stay the same, they keep changing. This theory claims that we are due for a pole shift which basically means that the magnetism of the earth will change, which will lead to a temporary loss of or weakening of the ozone layer which, in turn, will kill a lot of plant, animal and human life on the planet. Weather patterns may also change and life as we know it might be completely disrupted. Some believe that the Atacama Desert was the result of one such pole shift.