Nisekoi Season 3: What We Know


Combining romance and comedy in a truly charming package, the Anime series Nisekoi has drawn rave reviews from critics and fans alike. Unfortunately, it has been a little while between the release of season 2, and the anticipated return to this world and characters with season 3. What we do know for certain is that Nisekoi fans should not give up hope. The series has not been abandoned. There simply isn’t a concrete season 3 release date as of yet.

Let’s take a look at what we do know. At the same time, you can use this information to reacquaint yourself with this fan favorite.

Catching Up With Nisekoi

This lighthearted, quirky Anime series quickly developed a following, starting from the initial release of the Shonen manga series in 2011. The series was written by Naoshi Komi. The manga almost immediately found its audience. In just three short years, the manga was adapted into a TV series. Given the basic premise, in which a Yakuza heir is forced to maintain a relationship with the head of a gangster family, certainly lent itself well to a freewheeling, entertaining, and decidedly appealing series.

After the first season debuted in January 2014, the show found an even larger audience for Komi’s series and its characters. A second season was quickly ordered. It debuted in April 2015 to a great deal of acclaim. Unfortunately, Nisekoi season 2 left much of the story up in the air. Given that four years have now passed since season 2 dropped, it makes sense that fans are becomingly increasingly concerned that a third season will never see the light of day.

What’s Happened Since Nisekoi Season 2?

While fans didn’t quite get what they wanted, in terms of a third Nisekoi season, they did get a nice surprise in 2018. That year saw the release of a Japanese live-action adaptation of the series. As one can imagine, this was a pretty exciting development. However, and this is not uncommon with live-action adaptations of Anime series’, the movie did not answer any questions posed by the 2nd season of the Anime. Rather, it simply retold the basic premise of the series in a live action setting.

The movie received mixed reviews from critics, and even from some fans. Nonetheless, the film was fairly popular among fans. It also managed respectable box office returns. No announcement has been made on another live-action film.

Likewise, we have not heard very much recently about season 3 of Nisekoi. That does not mean we are completely devoid of information. At the same time, we can also certainly speculate on the future of Nisekoi.

When To Expect Season 3 Of Nisekoi

Given that the movie was just recently released, it makes sense that fans would start speculating again about another season of the Anime. Shaft, the studio responsible for the series, has worked on three projects, in the time between season 2 and the present. There is a good deal of speculation that the studio is making their way towards a Nisekoi season 3 announcement.

After all, there are still stories from the manga that can be told in the Anime series. The manga ran for an impressive twenty-five volumes, which covered 229 chapters. Even with season 2 in the can, there is still plenty of material that can create a fulfilling third season. This is not a fact that is lost on Shaft. To be certain, the series is still one of their most successful to date. There is little reason to believe we will not see a season 3 at some point soon.

If you want to set your calendar for something specific, our guess would be season 3 drops in 2020.

What To Expect From Season 3 Of Nisekoi

It seems likely that season 3 will wrap things up in the world of Nisekoi. In terms of specific plot points, we would say there are a couple of things to expect.

Fans certainly know what they want. Many have made it abundantly clear that they want some sort of progression on the relationship between Ichigo and Kirisaki. There is also a good deal of hope for closure with characters like Yui-nee and Raku. Again, season 2 left its fanbase with a good deal to discuss, as well as hope to see explored further in a future season.

Obviously, at the same time, there is hope that new plot points will develop.

The Future Of Nisekoi

Despite a lengthy passage of time between season 2 and the present, fans should not lose hope about getting another season. It is highly unlikely that Shaft has gone without discussing the possibility. While the live-action film perhaps underperformed on certain levels, it was by no means a failure. Furthermore, its performance would hardly have any effect on fan enthusiasm for a third go-round of this beloved Anime.