One Doctor Has Found A Revolutionary Way To Restore Sight To The Blind!


While most of us are lucky enough to see the beauty around us, many are not as lucky as you and me. The sense of sight is truly a gift that none of us can take for granted. In a fraction of a second through unfortunate events people have lost their sight and forced to spend the rest of their days in darkness, only to trust their hearing and touch that gives them a sort of independence. However, there is one surgeon in Britain, Christopher Liu, who has dedicated his life to restoring sight to some that have lost it in freak accidents. Restoring sight is possibly a topic of the past, but the way Dr. Liu has gone about it is pretty darn astounding.

Dr. Liu, for the past five years, has been working on a procedure called Osteo-Odondo-Keratoprosthesis, which took him about five years to master and, with the help of Italian surgeon Giancarlo Falcinelli, he has been able to perfect it. So what is so astounding about this? Dr. Liu has been able to restore the sight of some unfortunate victims of blindness by implanting their tooth in their eye. The OOKP procedure involves the reconstruction of a new eye using a tiny plastic lens and one of the patient’s own teeth. The lens is inserted into a hole drilled through the tooth, which is later implanted in the eye. The patient’s own tooth is used to null the effect of the body rejecting a foreign body which usually happens after most transplants. The lens provides a new window through which the person is able to see but considering that the person’s retina is still functioning.

One man who can boast the works of Dr.Liu is Ian Tibbett. Ian Tibbett, now 43, is a blind father of twins. Sixteen years previous to this miraculous day, Ian lost vision in his right eye when a piece of scrap metal from the oven struck him which lead to his cornea being ruptured in six places. The wound did heal but he did not regain his sight. Sadly a year later he lost complete vision is left eye that left him completely blind. Since then, Ian handicapped with the loss of his sight has spent his time at home while his wife took on the role of the bread winner. The most regretful part is that Ian had never seen his twins. He imagined what they look like and distinguishes them apart from their voices and the way they move but in reality had never set eyes on his beloved twins. This all changed when Ian decided to meet Dr. Liu and go through with the OOKP procedure. Last December changed everything for him as the procedure helped him regain 40 percent of his vision back and was able to see his kids for the fir
st time. He said that they looked completely different to how he pictured them in his head and feels they look better than he imagined. Although he has regained vision in his eye, Ian does not know the permanence of the procedure and has learnt to appreciate every day he gets to see his wife and kids.

In 2009, Martin Jones, 42, was another who was successfully at the receiving end of this revolutionary procedure. Martin Jones has never seen his wife, as eight years before his marriage he was blinded when a tub of molten aluminum exploded in his face. Martin stamped his approval of the procedure by saying that patients are able to see almost immediately after the operation and that the quality of sight is quite extraordinary.

Although this method is quite new and revolutionary, Dr. Liu says that it can be performed only on certain cases and that it depends on the case of blindness. Having said that, the success rate of those it is performed on is quite high and has further stated that “the ability to restore the sight of someone who has been blind for many years is an immense privilege.’ One can be sure Dr. Liu is one man who can sleep in peace considering the satisfaction he has received through this exemplary achievement.