Outdated Myths About Homosexuality You Need To Stop Believing!


Well apart from recent times, homosexuals were the most disregarded community in society. Although homosexuality has probably been around since the evolution of man, in recent times, it has been a topic that has been considered a major taboo. Till today society has failed to debunk their perception to people who probably just have a different sexual orientation, with most trying to spur out formula to decipher this different lifestyle. While most people continue to protest against this section of the society, they don’t realize that some of their perceptions about homosexuals are actually myths and have been debunked LONG ago. In case you missed it here are some of those very myths.

1. Being gay is a choice and has nothing to do with genetics.
People always assume that a gay person choose to be gay without realizing that the same attraction heterosexuals have for the opposite sex is the same excitement stirred within a gay for their own gender.

2. You can spot a gay at first sight.
Yes most gays have certain traits that help you conclude their sexual orientation, but not all gays are see through at first sight. After all gay people come in all shapes, colors and sizes just like heterosexual people.

3. Past childhood experiences has led to this sexual orientation.
People pass off the reason behind this choice of sexual orientation by saying that it directly revolves around the troubles faced by the person during their childhood. This is not true!

4. Gays are usually those who have a metal disorder or illness and lack clarity in choice.

5. Being gay is a healthier.
Even though heterosexuals are also at risk of contracting STD’s, the CDC has said that homosexual men are 17% more likely to contract certain diseases than heterosexual men.

6. People become gay due to lack of choice or rejection from the opposite gender.
Nope being gay is actually a clear choice of ones desires.

7. Being gay is a topic better left in the closet and is better not being seen openly.

8. Being gay is a choice made to live a different lifestyle.
Gay people do live normal lives in normal settings in fact.

9. Being gay reduces the risk of domestic violence.
In fact studies show that domestic violence is more prevalent in same gender couples.

10. Being straight is the goal most gays have to strive to achieve.