What These People Call Food Will Churn Your Stomach Especially #6


Well most people have an appetite that gets them craving their favorite dish. What if your favorite dish is not termed edible by the common man? Well, there are a few special specimens that creep the barriers of being a food junkie, so much so that most people who spot them in their weird mannerisms won’t help but throw up.  What these guys eat is really going to freak you out and give your tummy that weird tingling feeling. Be shocked and lastly Bon Appetite. These are a few gentlemen who will just eat anything.

1. Meet Kris Shui, he eats pens, silicon, cardboard, paper, wax, paint and probably has an appetite for anything synthetic. God help his digestion.

2. This guy is one who can probably have his fill for free all his life. Pakkirappa, aged 30, is addicted to consuming bricks, stones and even mud. Find much dirt in your house?? Call him, he’ll ‘clean’ it up for you.

3. This man is probably the celebrity in this list of abnormality. He holds the record for eating a plane, a car, light bulbs and even blades. Throw anything his way and he’ll get to munching at it in no time. Imagine shitting out an engine; that actually happened by the way.

4. Next stop, Louis Cole from west London, he eats raw hearts, eyeballs, lizards, frogs, scorpions and anything he feels like. I think Bear Grills would be proud of this guy!

5. Light bulbs missing?? Point fingers at this guy! He probably munched on them for dessert. Zhang Yujian from China eats light bulbs as though they were candy! he manages to consume two bulb in under that much time. This is sure one crunchy meal.

6. Forget a single man for this; think a whole group of people, ones that will freak you out. The Aghori’s are a group of people who worship lord Shiva. What makes them really shocking is that as a part of their religious practice they pull dead bodies floating in the river Ganges in India and eat them. NOOOOooooooooooo.

7. Derek Nance can compare himself to a lion, well at least his eating habits. Half a decade ago he suffered a disorder that made him lose weight and appetite until he stumbled upon eating raw meat. Till today that has been on his diet and he feels healthy and great about it. Raw meat solved all his problems.

8. Time for a bit of a break from the wild eating habits. Say hello to this guy. He has a disorder most people will envy, in fact all will. He can eat unlimited amounts of food and it is impossible for him to put on weight. Mr. Perry has a disorder in which high amounts of insulin are produced burning all the fat almost instantly, the disorder is called lipodystrophy. Because of this, he eats tons of pies, burgers and whatever and how much ever he wants a day.

9. Dorangel Vargas is the real life Hannibal Lecter. This man was convicted of killing and eating men. He has compared eating human flesh to eating pears and also prefers eating men than women. What’s even more ridiculous is that this man had a strict diet, he claimed that he didn’t eat fat people because it would be unhealthy for him.

10. If you ever dine with Josh, make sure you serve him in plastic mugs and bottles. This man has a strange OCD in which he can’t resist the taste of glass. Hence glasses, bottles, bulbs and bowls go down this man’s throat to give him that satisfaction and contentment.