How These People Died Has To Be The Weirdest & Strangest Things You’ve Ever Heard Of!


When you picture your end, and we all have, you think of it as being something grand and memorable. You think of yourself as a person who will go in a blaze of glory but here are a few unfortunate people who would have least expected to meet their end under circumstances such as these.

1. Vladimir Ladyzhensky, a Russian man died while taking part in a Sauna Competition. He spent just around 6 minutes in the steam room, after which he succumbed to death.

2.  An English man died during an intercourse with his girlfriend inside a car. The woman also died due to dehydration and hypothermia much later as a result of the love making session.

3. Alex Mitchell from England died of laughter while watching the comedy show ‘The Goodies’. It’s claimed that Alex laughed constantly for 25 minutes, which triggered a heart attack due to breathlessness.

4.  Artist Mihaly Gulbis died in 2006 after a 11 foot big sculpture which he had created fell on him.

5. During a 1983 match of the US Open, Tennis official Dick Whertheim was accidentally hit in the groin by a tennis ball, which led to his death.

6.  A man in California was killed in 2011 during a cockfight match. It’s claimed that knife like objects were tied to the limbs of the birds, and one of them attacked the man during the competition.

7. A football match between two provinces of Congo became an unforgettable event after a lightning strike killed all eleven players of just 1 team. The opposition was accused of witchcraft by the public for this incident.

8.  Vladimir Likhonos, a chemistry student from Ukraine implemented his knowledge of science in a wrong way. He mixed citric acid in his chewing gum. After mixing with his saliva, the gum exploded, leading to disfigurement of Vladimir’s face and his death.

9.  Gina Lalapola, a stripper, was the surprise element of a party, where she was supposed to emerge out of a cake. However, she failed to come out at the right time and died due to suffocation inside.

10. Convict Michael Anderson Godwin died on his toilet seat. Apparently, the toilet seat was made of metal, and Michael tried fixing his TV while he was seated. Working with electricity and contact with a metallic toilet led to a death out of a current shock.

11.   Jim Creighton, a legendary baseball player accidentally hit himself with his baseball bat in a bid to score a homerun. The impact injured his bladder and led to his death.

12.  Chinese poet Li Bai fell off his boat while trying to kiss the reflection of the moon. Co-incidentally he had written a poem called ‘Alone and drinking under the moon’, a short while before his death.

13.  Dancer Isadora Duncan was killed after her scarf got entangled between the wheels of a vehicle, breaking her neck, which eventually led to the demise.

14.  Tennessee Williams, an American author had a weird habit of placing the cap of his eye drop bottle between his teeth. This habit eventually led to his death.

15.   Allan Pinkerton, owner of the Pinkerton detective agency, accidentally bit his tongue, which led to an infection, due to which he died later.

16.  James Otis Jr, an American revolutionary used to joke with his friends time and again, that he would prefer getting killed by a lightning. Unbelievably, one day lightning hit James while he stood at the doorway of his house and killed him.

17.  Mariesa Weber died after she accidentally fell behind her bookshelf while trying to fix her TV. Weber’s body was recovered 11 days later.

18.  In a bid to escape a fire accident, Austrian man Hans Steininger forgot to roll his beard and fell down breaking his neck, which led to his death.

19.  A 27-year old man named David Grundman, once went to a nearby desert uproot Cacti. Unfortunately the last plant which was uprooted fell on the man himself and killed him instantly.

20.  Apparently, Aeschylus, a legendary Greek author was killed after an eagle dropped a tortoise on his head, thinking it’s a stone.

21.   An American tourist died after she visited a spot where several umbrellas were installed by few artists. One of the umbrellas got uprooted due to strong winds, which hit the tourist, smashing her against a boulder.

22.  A threesome with a man and a woman, killed William Martinez. However, William’s family was given $3million as compensation for his death.