These People May Look Normal But What They Do Can Only Be Called A Super Power!


People with super powers are not just seen in the movies. There are some people with very unusual super powers who leave us gaping. They can see through your body and talk to animals. Sky is the limit for these people. Here is a list of 10 heroes with super natural powers that will make you want to believe in the existence of a HIGHER POWER!

1. No Sleep For This Man
Al Herpin, unlike all of us, needs no sleep to reboot. He has a record of staying awake continuously for 10 years. You will be shocked to know that he had a perfect healthy life style all his life. They say that sleep deprivation can be very dangerous for us but it would seem that its not true in this case.

2. I Can See You
Imagine seeing and correctly identifying a person who is more than a mile away. Veronica Seider Stuttgart, Germany, can do just that. She has been blessed with visual acuity which is 20 times better than an average person.

3. X-Ray Vision
Natasha Demkina, of Russia, claims to have the ability to see inside people. No, we are not talking about their minds but their bodies. Apparently she can look inside the body and determine what’s inside. She has been tested for this ability and has come through with flying colors every time.

4. Revolving Head
Martin Laurello’s ability to turn his head a full 180 degree has earned him nicknames like Human Owl and Bobby the Boy with the Revolving Head.

5. The Ultimate Weight Lifter
You’ve seen practitioners of Kung Fu do things like bend spears with their throat and have iron rods break on their heads but this one takes the cake. Practitioners of Tie Dang Gong, Iron Crotch or Iron Penis Qigong, train their genitals to be able to lift weights that you wouldn’t believe possible!

6. Human Computer
Can you tell us the cube root of 61,629,875, and the seventh root of 170,859,375 without the help of a calculator? Well, Shakuntala Devi from India could. She was a mathematics genius with the ability to crunch numbers in a jiffy.

7. I Can Eat ‘Anything’!
Wether its meant for human consumption or not, Michael Lotito, of France can eat it. He has, so far, managed to chew his way through metal, rubber and even plastic. One his most popular feats was the consumption of an entire Cessna 150 aircraft.

8. No-Shock Man
Slavisa Pajkic can act as a conductor, insulator, heater and accumulator. He holds the Guinness World Record for letting 20,000volts pass through him without harming himself. SHOCKING! (Sorry… couldn’t resist the urge. 😛 )

9. Human Magnet
This guy is a question mark to the scientists. Liew Thow Lin, of Malaysia, can attract and hold metal objects on his body. He is able to do this with no magnetic field detected whatsoever anywhere close to his body.

10. Immune To HIV
We saved the best one for the last. There are certain prostitutes in Africa who come in contact with HIV on a day to day basis and still don’t contract it. Probably, if scientists can crack their body composition that enables them to resist HIV, there could be a cure for AIDS. Let’s hope for the best!