People Who Should NEVER Be Allowed On A Plane! F*CK!


How often have you traveled with people who have failed to follow decorum? Some people just cannot distinguish between private and public space and make themselves comfortable much to the annoyance of their fellow travelers. These are people who shouldn’t be allowed on a plane, if you have come across such an instance, feel free and humor us in the comments below.

1. What a reward! All thanks to gulping alcohol and annoying his co-passengers.

2. Imagine sitting next to this health-conscious weirdo for 20-hours straight…

3. These people who often mistake a plane for their bedroom

4. The one who thinks he is already on the beach!!

5. The guy who just couldn’t wait to get off the plane to start the party!

6. This avid reader who generously left back his collection.

7. People who push their feet too far…and luck too

8. She definitely needs to get her head out of her ass!

9. These ‘environment friendly’ passengers…Do we need to say more?

10. This traveler who leaves an important sample behind

11. The next seat passenger who just can’t mind his own business!!

12. These passengers who think that a plane is a wrestling arena

13. Well unfortunately planes do not come with a nursery

14. Such people who teach their co-passengers new sleeping positions

15. Ran out of webs, hence chose to fly the conventional way

16. This man who just can’t control himself, be it a bar or a plane