What People Did In The Recent Past Is Almost Unbelievable, Bordering On The Horrifying! Especially #1


If you think we live in a crazy world… well… you’re probably right but you will be surprised to know that our ancestors were no less. Just look at what they did in the name of medicine, science and, horrifyingly enough, entertainment!

1. Burning Cats for fun and good luck!

2. Pole sitting
Sitting on a pole doing just about nothing and watching the world go by may sound funny in your head, but it was a practice in the 20th century which caught up as a fad to showcase endurance.

3. Shooting the dead!

4. Taking pictures of themselves
If you thought taking selfies are a current trend, you are wrong. They did not take selfies but walked into photo booths to get themselves.

5. Staring at Quintuplets
In 1934, when quintuplets were born, nobody could comprehend the fact as to how that was possible. These babies were not just conceived and born but they also survived to see the world.  The father of these quintuplets held a fair and displayed his babies and people walked in and admired this rare occurrence.

6. Walk into an asylum to stare at the residents
They could walk into an asylum and stare at the residents and be amused at the cost of a small fee. This makes me think if the people outside the asylum or inside the asylum were crazy!

7. Watch live military battles
If they were not getting enough kick from the daily errands, they could borrow some adrenaline by watching live military battles just out of their houses.

8. See X-rays
When X-ray was invented for the first time, people found it incredible and amusing to see what lies inside of our body. They made a beeline to witness X-ray machine to just see the x-ray itself.

9. Witness mummy Unwrapping
Mummies per se are very intriguing. An export ban in 1830’s in America created more curiosity. Mummy unwrapping were huge events and the crowd once got lucky to witness prince’s mummified p*nis.

10. Riding Escalators
Riding escalators amused the shit out of people in the past like it amuses a kid today.

11. Our ancestors did not waste a drop of urine
They used urine to clean clothes and teeth too. Eeew!

12. DDT to kill lice?
Apparently it was an effective way to kill lice. Want to try it out?

13. Cranial malformation as a status symbol
Chinookan people subjected infants to cranial malformation giving them a projected look in order to differentiate themselves from the lower classes.

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14. Fit into the box
As a past time, people in South Africa attempted to cram as many people as possible in a phone booth. For what joy? Don’t ask us!

15. Cure for hysteria
In the Victorian Era, women were given a pelvic massage to cure them from hysteria.