These Photos Prove Kids Can Be Pure Evil :)


Kids may look innocent and naïve but they are always hiding something behind that innocuous smile. If you’re someone who thinks children have no idea what they are doing, this will clear your doubt, they are smarter than you think when it comes to being tiny little devils.

1. This Is What You Get For Not Sharing It With Me

2. I Could Live There Forever!

3. Peek-A-Boo

4. Look At That Proud Mother……. Eh Ooops!!

5. It’s My Turn Sista!

6. Ouch!

7. Twin Brother-Cum-Painting Canvas

8. I Told You, ‘I Wanted To Water The Plants’

9. We Love Eating On The Table… Literally!!

10. She Told Us To Water The Plants… We Did This!!

11. That’s For Poking Me After A Meal

12. I Want To Meet Their Mommy!!

13. For The Love Of God, Not On This!

14. Where Is That Designer Shirt When I Want It??

15. New Bowls For Cereal??

16. I Hate This Gift!

17. Dived To Perfection!!

18. Feed me this. Not milk.

19. Daddy Asked For A Massage

20. Look What I Can Do With My Feet!!

21. Parents Are Out For A Few Minutes… Know exactly what they want!!

22. I Thought That Was A Jigsaw Puzzle

23. Let Me Show Them How Good A Kisser I Am

24. Tasty!!

25. Dad Did Not See That Coming

26. His First Rejection!!

27. Take That!!

28. What I Do When Mom Is Not Around!!

29. Happiest Kid In The Party

30. The Meanest Brother