Planing On Moving In With A Girl? You Better Read This First!!


Moving in with a girl can only be described as an adventure that will change your life forever! There are going to be changes in your living space that you are not prepared for so it’s only fair that we try and tell you some of the things you can expect. Keep in mind that most girls are very organized so chances are that you may not have to face the full fury of these 20 points but there are some that you can’t escape!

1. Your house is going to smell weirdly nice, almost girly, unless you’re a skunk.
2. Your bathroom is going to undergo a complete make-over.

3. You are going to start tripping over all her stuff.
4. If you’re thinking of using the loo as soon as she is done in there, you’re better off waiting to win the lottery.

5. You’re going to find a whole lot of hair around the place.

6. You are going to get used to seeing bras lying all over the place.

7. Your shelf is going to get clogged with all her shoes; you’re going to lose sight of yours.

8. If you think she is going to wear sexy lingerie every night to sleep, then you are in for a surprise. Expect pajamas and socks on most nights.

9. You’ll realize that she can get piggish too while eating, almost scary.

10. You think that all her sitting postures are sexy?? When they want to be comfortable they’ll probably spread and resort to sitting like a man.

11. Your toiletries are going to be lost when hers come in the bathroom.

12. If she’s in a hurry, expect half of her clothes to be strewn all over the place, you’ll almost feel a tornado hit the bedroom.

13. She’ll be all loving and with all her heart serve you a burnt dish. Tip? Don’t ever tell her it sucks; just wallop it like you loved every bite, order a pizza while she’s asleep.

14. You are going to catch her doing something ridiculous and gross at one point, so prepare yourself for it.

15. You’ll be shopping for toilet paper and food supplies a little more often.
16. So how do you imagine your babe when she wakes in the morning?? Erase that fantasy look; they’ll wake up looking just as disheveled as you.
17. You’re going to find lipstick and nail polish stains in places you wouldn’t imagine. Deal with it.

18. Wearing bras all the time is uncomfortable for girls so expect her not to wear one at home.
19. If you thought your poker buddies can come home every day, get drunk and make a racket, then sorry buddy, you are overly optimistic.
20. Lastly, one week every month, you have to pamper her like a princess, if not; you are going to regret it later.