These Real Life Human Barbie Dolls Have Given “Beauty” An All New Meaning.


15 Real-Life Human Barbie Dolls Of The World

Barbie dolls are undoubtedly one of the world’s most favorite toys and have been an essential part of childhood for several people. The shiny hair, light blue eyes and impressive outfits of the dolls are something not many people would easily forget. Some of them even fantasize growing up to be as pretty as their favorite dolls and even don such outfits. Well, most people would love to look flawless and dress to impress, but here are a few people who have gone an extra mile to look glamorous. Their obsession with beauty and Barbie dolls was so high that they left no stone unturned to resemble the famous toy. The stories of their plastic surgeries and the ridiculously high amount spent on them have got the internet abuzz. Interestingly, a few sources claim that a few real-life human Barbies don’t actually look the way they claim and are famous due to their fine Photoshop skills. However, on the brighter side, seems like their efforts to look like real-life Barbie dolls have paid off. These individuals have definitely managed to hog the limelight for their glamour quotient.

1. Heidi Montag
American television star Heidi Montag is a bombshell who has been grabbing eyeballs for a face that resembles the famous Barbie doll. Her chiseled body and drop dead gorgeous looks are making people go gaga.

2. Dakota Rose
Also famously recognized by many as Kotakoti, Dakota Rose’s pictures are making all over the internet. Many people on social media are stunned by this pretty lass’s resemblance to the famous doll

3. Valeria Lukyanova
No, she’s no mannequin. Valeria Lukyanova has garnered a big fan following online and several online media sources have talked about her in length. The reason? Isn’t it pretty obvious?

4. Lolita Richi
This real life doll from Ukraine is just 16 and she’s already a favorite among the shutterbugs. It might be hard for you to believe, but Lolita claims that unlike many models, she didn’t go under the knife to look this way. Now, that’s quite a surprise

5. Angelica Kenova
Kenova is a beauty with brains and gifted with a talent. According to several sources, she’s also a psychologist and a dancer. Interestingly, the multi-faceted Angelica is quite orthodox for a 26-year-old. Apparently, she stays with her parents and they have strictly prohibited her from going on dates.

6. Alodia Gosiengfiao
This model and actress from Philippines doesn’t just look like a Barbie but is believed to be one of the prettiest women in the world. She has appeared in a famous men’s magazine’s ‘100 Sexiest Women’ lists several times.

Photo Credit: On The Image

7. Anastasiya Shpagina
At first look, it would be hard to believe that Anastasiya is a real human. Such is her resemblance to the world famous doll. Shpagina has often been in the news for her unbelievably small waist size, for which she even opted for a surgery.

8. Venus Palermo
15-year-old Venus has become an internet phenomenon for her unconventional appearance. She dresses up like a doll and has been uploading ‘how to’ videos to help people who want to look the same way.

9. Charlotte Hothman
Charlotte Hothman’s Barbie story is no less interesting than the fiction bestsellers of today. The 24-year-old was quite obsessed with the toy as a child and wanted to look the same way. The price she paid to achieve the look? A whopping 10,000 pounds.

10. Lhouraii Li
This beauty has left no stone unturned to look like a Barbie. Even her nail polish and other accessories resemble those dolls you’ve seen at your nearest toy store.

11. Sarah Burge
She’s probably the oldest human on this list who resembles a Barbie. Although Sarah is in her late thirties and is even a mother to a girl child, she is still quite a charmer.

12. Alina Kovalevskaya
Any discussion about real-life human Barbie dolls is incomplete without a mention of this stunning Alina. You need to check out Alina’s ‘Instagram’ pictures, they are simply fabulous. At least most people who have seen them were jaw-dropped on seeing them.

13. Wang Jiayun
This Asian damsel has taken China and South Korea by storm. However, a few sources also claim that many of her pictures that have been going viral are photoshopped.

14. Russian Barbie
This beauty is identified by her fictitious name ‘Russian Barbie’ for quite some time now and no source has revealed her real name.

15. Rodrigo Alves
Here’s an interesting one. Brazilian Rodrigo Alves is so obsessed with the doll that he has spent a huge amount of money for his famous glamorous look. According to an online source, Alves once spent a whopping 50,000 Pounds to go under the knife.