Did You Really Think Haunted Objects Existed Only In The Movies? #4 Will Give You Shivers


Sometimes it’s not just the people around us, or our living environment which influences misery. Even few non-living objects which we buy to add to the aesthetics of our home, or sometimes just for sheer pleasure, can spell doom in lives. Here are few such scary objects with a horrifying past which are guaranteed to leave you baffled. Take a look.

1. ‘The Hands resist him’ Painting Which Was Auctioned On E-Bay

This painting, supposedly one of the most haunted pieces of art, made in 1972, was first bought by Hollywood actor John Marley. Later, the painting went to the hands of a Californian couple, who auctioned it on E-bay in the year 2000 following scary supernatural experiences. One strong belief is that the boy in the picture would completely disappear from the frame at night and enter the room where this painting is kept. Even viewing the picture online can apparently make one feel uneasy and sick.

2. The Dreaded ‘Annabelle’ Doll

Two girls staying in an apartment, accommodated this doll in their living space. Strangely, the girls discovered that the doll would move from one room to another by itself. The doll apparently even scribbled notes on pieces of paper, making the girls more frightened. The doll was also an important subject dealt by the movie ‘The Conjuring’.

3. The Chair Of Death

A convict named Thomas Busby had his last meal on his chair before being hanged. After finishing his meal, the man got up and said “May sudden death come to those who dare sit on my chair”. Prior to 1972, the people who sat on this chair died very soon. One such instance is that of a delivery man who rested on the chair after unloading packages, he died the same day in a car accident. Later, the chair was handed over to a museum.

4. ‘The Anguished Man’

This creepy looking painting was created using a mixture of paint and the artist’s blood. The creator committed suicide shortly after making it. The lady who bought his picture claimed to hear loud cries and even saw shadows of a man walking around the room. It’s said that the room where this painting is placed is sure to witness something paranormal.

5. The Robert Doll

Initially possessed by a little boy named Robert, this doll used to break things at the poor kid’s house, and even move around the house all by itself, shocking the family members and servants.
Now the doll is in a museum. The visitors of the museum are supposed to take this guy’s permission before capturing him on camera. The permission is granted by a slight nod of the head. If a picture is taken without permission, the photographer would apparently invite the curse of this scary doll.

6. The Wood Carved Man

This doll of a man bending his head down and holding his hat, creating an impression of mourning is one of the most haunted wood carvings. The family which owned this piece for over 60 years faced strange occurrences such as the TV and lights turning on and off automatically, even while no one occupied the room.
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7. The Dibbuk Box

This wine cabinet was put up for sale on E-bay, along with a terrifying story. It’s said that this box is home to a spirit called the Dibbuk. An antique dealer once dared to keep this box in his shop. Later his assistant who was once alone at the place, discovered foul smell of cat urine, doors getting automatically locked and all the bulbs being smashed by an unknown entity.

8. The Crying Baby Boy Painting

This famous picture is said to burn down any building where it resides. There have been instances where everything in the surroundings of this painting would get burnt, except this piece of art. Instances of actual tears dripping down the boy’s cheeks also have been reported.

9. The Dreaded Bunk Beds

A couple invited paranormal activities into their home after buying this bunk bed in 1987,. The most important occurrences were that of the kids who slept on this one claiming to see a witch. Later, the bunk beds were buried in a landfill which immediately ended the horror.

10. The Dancing Wedding Dress

A woman named Anna Baker, who fell in love with a man from a lower class family, bought this dress to wear for her wedding. However, her father disapproved of the affair, leading to the woman’s unfulfilled wish and lifelong misery. As of today, Ms. Anna Baker’s house has turned into a museum. Its claimed that the dress sways sometimes, giving the witness an impression of a woman trying to groom herself in front of the mirror.

11. The Myrtles Plantation Mirror

This mirror resides at one of America’s most haunted home, the Myrtles plantation. It’s believed that the mirror has to be covered if a dead body is kept in the same room. Else, the soul of the dead person would be captured by the mirror, preventing it from entering heaven.

12. The Victorian Mirror

In 2013, this scary mirror was put on the E-bay website for auction. Two roommates who installed this mirror at their place, complained to have woken up at the same time to severe pain as if someone had stabbed them. Endless instances of fever, ill health and a general feeling of tiredness forced the guys to auction this mirror.

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