These Are The Most Ridiculous, Scariest, & Weirdest Treatments You’ll Ever Hear About!


One has always been intrigued by medicine. The history of treatment and cure is filled with eccentric and outlandish stories. Today, you may walk into a hospital and get the most sophisticated of treatments. But to have come this far, time has seen a lot of insane treatments and procedures. We list out a few of them. Be prepared to be grossed. Don’t blame us that we did not give you a warning!

1. Eye Surgery With A Needle
Imagine a thick needle coming right at your eye and is to be used to push the cornea to the back of your eye. Well, this is how cataract was treated in the middle ages.

2. Cut A Part Of The Brain
No Kidding. You read right. A part of your brain is responsible for seizures so it naturally makes sense to get that part cut off! As ridiculous as it may sound this is true and is employed in rare cases where disabling or removing half the brain is the only choice. This insane procedure is called hemispherectomy.

3. Cure For Dwarfism
Tired of being bullied for being short? Want to reach that box of cookies on the top shelf? There is a medical procedure which can increase your height but before you jump with joy, be prepared to have your legs broken first. The procedure calls for breaking the bone then adding filler between the broken ends to extend it. They say the best time to get this procedure done is between the ages of 12 to 16 years.

4. Trepanning
This ancient method involved drilling a hole into the skull to let out evil spirits and such. It was performed using primitive implements and the pain involved must have been ghastly! The method is used even today, tough the implements, techniques and reasons for using the method have changed drastically.

5. Female Hysteria
It was of popular belief that hysteria was caused in the female uterus.  Big personalities such as Plato believed that the cure for this hysteria was to let such woman have lots of babies. Don’t look at us. We are as baffled as you are!

6. Rotational Therapy
This was believed to be a cure for mental illness. The patient was spun around at an absurd speed. It sounds funny and, maybe, like a roller coaster ride, but it was thought to be a cure for mental illness. It was used by the American physician Benjamin Rush because he believed that the spinning would reduce brain congestion. Would you believe us if we said this theory was first hypothesized by father of Charles Darwin?

7. Remedy For Tooth Pain
Egyptians applied a paste of dead mouse and other ingredients on the afflicted area to alleviate the pain. The only other thing to top is was the suggestion of catching a frog under the full moon and spitting in its mouth while saying, “Frog, go, and take my toothache with thee!” The remedy was suggested by Pliny the Elder, of ancient Rome. Freak!

8. Impotency
In the 1990s, impotency and infertility was believed to be cured by implanting a goat’s testicles in the man’s scrotum. Whaaaaatt?!

9. Cough
How you like some heroin as a treatment for an ailment. Yes, Bayer, a popular German company sold heroin in the pretext of it being a cure to cough. However, the company later stopped selling it due to ‘reasons’.

10. Ear Wax Removal
This was the most bizarre thing ever practiced. They stuck candles inside the ear canal to remove the ear wax. The theory that supported this practice was that a negative pressure would be created which would remove the wax. Thankfully, it was debunked later.

11. Syphilis
Have you ever heard of a patient being induced with another disease to kill the original disease? As odd as it may sound, it is true that patients with syphilis were fed malaria infected food. This would kill the syphilis bacteria and then they were given quinine, the cure for malaria. This was done because there was no cure for syphilis then.

12. Bloodletting
The basis of cutting open a vein and letting the blood drain out to cure an ailment was that the body’s fluid should be maintained in harmony and balance. This procedure was started by the Egyptians and Sumerians and was carried on by the Greek and Rome too.

13. Injuries
Egyptians used animal dung and human waste on injuries. Excreta of dog, donkey and even fly were used for healing.

14. Sunscreen
Guess what is the best sunscreen to prevent your chances of getting skin cancer? You may be grossed out, but we will still say it.  Studies have shown that Hippopotamus sweat is the best natural sunscreen. Want to still go for this sunscreen?

15. Cancer
We all know breast milk is good for the newborns. But so god that it can cure cancer?!! Yes, in 2009, a man was cured of cancer after drinking his daughter’s breast milk.