I Saw These 20 X Rays And Was Like How Did That Get In There?! #6 Is Just FREAKY!


X-rays are generally the preferred technology, to examine the internal details of a body after accidents, or any such occurrences which cause a suspicion of an internal damage. In most cases, the results of such X-rays are limited to fractures of bones. However, here are few shocking objects which were found inside the bodies of few humans after an X-ray examination. Take a look.

1. A 16-year old boy was stabbed in the head with a 5-inch knife while trying to save a friend from getting robbed.

2. A Pepsi bottle inserted up an anus of a 60-year old man in Multan, Pakistan.

Image Source: oddee.com

3. A scissor left inside a patient’s body during surgery, as a result of a medical error.

Image Source: edwardlcooley.com

4. A man accidentally shot himself with a nail gun. Luckily, he survived

Image Source: urlesque.com

5. A cellphone detected inside the body of a Salvadoran prisoner who tried to smuggle this gadget.

Image Source: oddee.com

6. Nails found inside a human skull.

7. Watch Your Step.

Image Source: viralnova.com

8. This guy chose a wrong place to keep his sunglasses safe.

Image Source: viralnova.com

9. Bulb found stuck up the anus of a man.

10. A nail found trapped in the throat.

Image Source: gololz.com

11. Never surprise your beloved one by putting a ring in food or beverages.

12. X-ray of a 2-year old who had swallowed a hair clip.

13. Sometimes it’s best to forget technology of the past.

Image Source: viralnova.com

14. Stabbed on the chest with a knife.

Image Source: viralnova.com

15. A remote control which got stuck in a Chinese student’s body after his friends tried a prank on him.

16. A horrible incident where a step-mother beat up her step-daughter breaking her bones.

Image Source: koreabang.com

17. Kitchen utensils inside the stomach.

Image Source: vyperlook.com

18. A pregnant rebel woman was shot, the bullet wounded the foetus.

Image Source: mirror.co.uk

19. A fishing incident proved fatal for this Florida teen, who got a spear pierced through his head.

Image Source: viralnova.com

20. 10 magnets and 20 steel balls discovered inside the body of an 8-year old boy.