Scariest Things You Didn’t Know About Using Public Wi-Fi! #4 & #9 Are The Freakiest


Hacking has become one of the biggest markets around the world. From the common man to celebrities, all have fallen prey to hackers, who are waiting to pounce on your personal information. People should be aware as to how they fall into this pit and get hacked, one way that makes you susceptible to getting hacked is by using a Public Wi-Fi. A normal person and not only a genius hacker can intrude into your accounts to do as he pleases. We hope this will be an eye opener to all to avoid falling prey to this new crime that completely invades ones privacy. It’s about time you stopped gifting hackers’ opportunities. This is all that can happen if you access a public Wi-Fi.

1. Using a free app a hacker on the same Wi-Fi connection could access your phone and personal information including Facebook and your email.

2. The SSL (http) although is encrypted there is no surety that it can be secure.
3. Using the same Wi-Fi connection anybody can be the middleman by intercepting between you and the server.
4. They can even access your bank account and take control of your money.

5. Unless your connection is in SSL (http), everyone on the same Wi-Fi connection can view your passwords.
6. While using the SSL connection, login might be secure but the site may be not. Thus you might encounter a cookie thief or worse someone who will drain your account.

7. Be very careful as to which “Free Wi-Fi” connections you connect to, some might just have rogue access points.
8. Accidentally connecting to deceitful connections could gift all the information on your computer to a hacker in an instant.
9. They can even access your skype connection or worse your webcam; imagine having a stranger watch over you and you not aware of it.

10. Now after reading these points still think we’re kidding around? At least 370 million accounts are hacked every year and 1 terabyte of data stolen every day, that’s the same as having 1 billion login credentials stolen a day.

Preventive Methods:
11. Always change your Email password frequently, your email password is like a skeleton key, once accessed, all your other accounts can be accessed in a jiffy.
12. Using public Wi-Fi is exactly what a hacker would want you to do, as it gives him easy access, hence avoid it.
13.  Using Email clients makes you an easier target for hackers; these clients are even harder to ensure encryption on.

14.  In places like the airport, never connect to an unverified Wi-Fi connection, if you do so do not do as much as browse to check the news, never access your personal accounts. If you do the hacker knows you’re going to be on a flight for a few hours, which gives him a loop hole to do what he wants with your accounts.

15. Use only password protected Wi-Fi’ like WPA2. They are trustworthy most of the time and make sure your anti- virus software is up to date.
16. While using a public Wi-Fi use your firewall and always use a trusted VPN, the VPN will create a secure tunnel for your data.