Secret Revealed: How To Make A Woman Happy!


Men have been exploring this subject for ages now, and many of them have not found the perfect answer yet and most never will. Here are few quick tips which might just help you in impressing that woman whom you are head over heels in love with. So don’t leave any stone unturned, try these, and you never know, things might just work in your favor.

1. Listen To Her
Whether it is sharing her delightful experience of a recent trip or complaining about her grumpy boss, women like a man who can spare a few minutes (maybe hours) to just listen to whatever they have to say.

2. Making A Great Impression
If you are a great singer or a guitarist, you can perhaps impress her with your version of that famous romantic song or break into a dance. Else, even showing her a glimpse of your great sense of humor should hopefully sweep her off her feet.

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3. Leave Her Surprised With Presents
Flowers, chocolates or even jewelry (if you are blessed with a thick wallet), are sure to flatter the queen of your heart. Trust me, even the smallest of gestures like these are gonna make a great difference to a woman. Remember, “the way to a woman’s heart is an unexpected gift at an unexpected moment”.

4. A Wide Smile
Apart from just listening to her, acknowledging her words with a smile is definitely gonna make her feel good.

5. The Three Famous Words
The words ‘I Love you’ are not just limited to those few minutes of formal proposal session. You need to reassure the woman you love the most in this world about your feelings for her over and over again…………….unto death do you apart.

6. Sexual Satisfaction
This shouldn’t be your first priority when you start spending time with a woman. However, when the need arrives, rise to the occasion and try your best to be good in bed.

7. Communicate Your Feelings
Apart from just confessing your love, you also need to tell the woman how important she is to you. Treating your woman like a queen and letting her know how much you respect her would make your bond stronger.

8. Be Yourself
Don’t pretend to be a polished gentleman, if you are not. Women prefer being around men who are genuine.

9. Emotional Support
If she’s going through a rough patch or an emotional stress, offering a shoulder to cry on is quintessentially masculine. Spend some time consoling her, and she will remember your kind gesture for a really long time.

10. Cooking A Meal
Candle light dinners have been a popular idea for a long time, but wait….there’s something better. Try experimenting at the kitchen. CAUTION: Cook carefully; a badly cooked meal can spoil your efforts in making your woman happy.

11. Compliments
This is the perfect recipe to light up the day of your beloved woman. Oh ya…but don’t go overboard, make sure they sound genuine.