What You Are About To See Will Leave You Saying, “ONLY IN JAPAN!”


Yes every country is different but the extremity in difference is what sets them apart. Japan is one that no other can compare to with their eating habits, lifestyle and whacked out inventions. These are some of the abnormalities this country will offer.

1. Mayonnaise
There is nothing weird about their mayonnaise and their taste but their unconventional use of it. These use it on ice cream, spaghetti, noodles and even pan cakes.

2. Snoozing in Office
Whereas in the rest of the world this act might get you fired, in Japan workers are allowed to snooze at office, it usually means the workers has worked hard, some of course just pretend to give their boss this impression.

3. Subway Chin Rest
It is a common fact that Japanese work their butts off, so why lose sleep anyway, this Chin rest will grant you sound sleep on the Subway even while standing.

4. Ice Cream Flavors
Horse meat, charcoal and octopus flavors. Care to try??

5. Easy Ear Explorer
While we all are tempted to take a peek into our ears, the Japanese have taken this crave to the next level with this invention.

6. Baby Mops
Yes strap that baby to a mop and watch him make that floor spotless with his constant crawling.

7. Eternal Poppety Pop
Love the sound of the pop of bubble wrap?? Well they have a tool to give you that eternal pop sound.

8. Bizarre Parking Lots
Home to 126 million people, the only solution was to build these bizarre parking lots.

9. Super Umbrella
When it rains it pours in Japan and normal umbrellas are of no use in these conditions. Check this modification out.

10. Microwavable pug
Heat this pet in the microwave and hug it to keep you warm in the cold.

11. Fake Fangs
Japanese girls are spending 100’s of dollars to get them these accentuating fangs. A mini canine is installed over the normal one to give this impression.

12. Vending Machines
Every country has vending machines but what the machines in Japan contain set them apart. From groceries to underwear to eggs, find them all at these vending machines.

13. The World’s Shortest Escalator
People have gone lazy with technology and this five step escalator in Japan will show you that.

14. A Creepy Suicide forest
Officially called Aokigahara, the “Suicide Forest”, people in Japan just have a single purpose in this 4-square-mile green top.

15. Pillows For Lonely Men
Men in Japan have gotten so lonely that they now sleep on pillows shaped as women’s laps. No more hearing any nagging when you want to sleep on a woman’s lap these days.

16. Kit Kat Flavors
In Japan Kit Kat comes in numerous flavors, from baked potato Kit Kat, soy sauce Kit Kat or wasabi Kit Kat.

17. Pillows For Lonely Women
All girls like a nice cozy arm around them to snooze on and the Japanese have invented the perfect thing to help lonely women.

18. Washlets
Get your privates washed along with the seat with this lazy invention.

19. Lift Girls
Most countries have canned this job to save expenses but not Japan.

20. Capsule Hotels
Talk about being Claustrophobic. Well saving space is their biggest aim and these capsules fit the bill in this situation.

21. Head Holder
Don’t let your head drop with this cool cap on the train.

22. Feet Umbrella
Protect your feet from getting wet with this idiotic tool.

23. The Dog Boot
Protect your dog while driving with this cool boot in the car.

24. Hot Dog

25. Diet Water
Not sure how much weight water in Japan makes you put on but here is your diet water.

26. Smoking Cubicles
Now this is the weirdest environment you can put a smoker into but this is the norm in Japan.

27. Nipple Scarves
Now this is one scarf that will keep you warm.

28. Weird Costumes
Well this is the place if you want to spot the weirdest costumes.

29. Toilet Paper Holder
Well if you have that leaking nose then these guys have the perfect invention. Of course it comes with the price of looking like a moron.

30. Rope With A Noose
I hope this is not suggestive.