Seven Deadly Sins Season 4 — What do we know? Release Date, Plot And Cast


The excitement is building because The Seven Deadly Sins is finally returning for season four. The series is written by Nakaba Suzuki and based on The Seven Deadly Sins manga novels. The kingdom of Liones will return in all it’s glory right after Meliodas came back and killed Fraudrin. The demon king is trying to conquer the realm of the humans by using Mediodas’s emotions in an attempt to gain power.

Elizabeth has joined Meliodas as he spends time alone contemplating his concern that he received joy from killing Fraudrin. His fear is he will once again become a demon to save Elizabeth. Elizabeth has made a vow to never leave him. If you were left with a feeling of bubbling anticipation after watching the conclusion of season three, you are far from alone. The good news is there will be a season four.

Too much of the story has not yet been seen. There are still more than 110 chapters of the the story left. Despite all of the fighting left in the unseen chapters, there is a possibility everything can be revealed in just two more seasons.

The Release of Season Four

The official announcement has been made and season four of The Seven Deadly Sins is approaching on Netflix. The title is Wrath of the Gods. The climax of the series is being established during this season. This means season five may be the last season. The current assumption is there will be a minimum of 24 episodes in season four. The previous episodes have aired in Japan at a rate of one each week.

This means the conclusion will require 24 weeks. The very first season aired on October fifth of 2014. There was also an intermission of two weeks for the winter holidays. The series did not conclude until March 29th of 2015 in Japan. Due to the high demand and popularity of the program, Netflix is not expected to wait until November of 2020 to begin airing season four. The chances are good the series will return in July or August of 2020.

The series is returning to Japan this October. The fans in the United States will have to let the anticipation build before watching the new season. Unfortunately no trailer for season four has been released at this time.

The Cast of The Seven Deadly Sins

The characters of The Seven Deadly Sins are a reflection of medieval times. They are fairly broad versions of the medieval knights. Many of them have the ability to perform powerful magic and they wear modern and stylish versions of the original medieval armor.

The flair of the Japanese is extremely apparent among all of the characters. There are five separate clans in the series consisting of Demons, Gods, Giants, Humans and Fairies. The characters in the manga were named after a wide range of historical, mythical, cultural and geographical illusions. This includes:

  • Meliodas
  • Gustaf
  • Elizabeth
  • Gowther
  • Albions
  • Zhivago
  • Frisia
  • Derierrie
  • Fraudrin
  • Zaratras
  • Galand
  • Jericho
  • Dreyfus
  • The Vampires
  • The Demon Clan
  • The High Class Demons
  • The Lower Class Demons
  • The Holy Knights
  • The Weird Fangs
  • Pleiades of the Azure Sky
  • The The Vampires of Edinburgh
  • Liones’ Royal Family

There is a tremendous supporting cast due to the members of the different clans. The main characters include:

  • Elizabeth Liones
  • The Dragon’s Sin of Wrath, Meliodas
  • Oslow
  • Elaine
  • The Fox Sin of Greed, Ban
  • Hawk
  • Hawk’s Mother
  • The Goat Sin of Lust, Gowther
  • Cain Barzad
  • The Grizzly’s Sin of Sloth, King
  • The Boar Sin of Gluttony, Merlin
  • The Serpent’s Sin of Envy, Diane
  • Liz
  • The Lion’s Sin of Pride, Escanor

The Staff of the Seven Deadly Sins

The anime will be changing studios to Studio DEEN as opposed to A-1 Pictures. Numerous members of the original staff will remain with the anime. This includes Susumu Nishizawa, the Director, Reikenzan: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and Eichi e no Shikaku.

They will return right after the Revival Of The Commandments storyboards have been completed. The composition of the story is being handled by Rie Nishino and Rintarou Ikeda. This is based on an animation character setting.

The Plot Expectations for The Seven Deadly Sins Season Four

Although there are currently no specific details regarding The Seven Deadly Sins season four, the basic plot has been released. As Zeldris gains control of the Kingdom of Camelot, King Arthur goes into hiding. The relationship between Meliodas and Elizabeth will head in a completely unexpected direction. The majority of the story will center on the difficult decision Meliodas must make to move forward with his life.

Even with her god-like abilities and newly restored memories, the loyalty of Elizabeth to Meliodas will remain solid. This reactivates her curse and increases the desire of Meliodas to permanently sever their bonds. His desire to become Demon Kings place even more pressure on their relationship. He continues to put on a cheerful face in spite of the decisions weighing down his thoughts.

He can remain as Meliodas, but he would be unable to break the curse and save Elizabeth. If he gives in to his demonic nature, the lives of many people will be in danger and he will lose all of his friends. Season four is going to be emotional and filled with even more tearjerkers than ever before.