Signs That Prove You Are Madly In Love!


Love is undoubtedly a magical emotion which can make even the harshest of days seem really wonderful. After encountering that special person, your mundane life may have suddenly started to seem colorful and filled with excitement. Your world, which seemed to be worse than hell, might have turned into a paradise all of a sudden, all thanks to this person. He/she might have started to influence your behavior. These are few changes you might have experienced after meeting this special person.

1. You just can’t Stop thinking about that person

2. Even if it means waking up the whole night, gazing at the moon & trying to see your sweetheart’s face in it

3. You are eagerly waiting for your love’s reply to your text message

4. You try to be dressed in the best possible way before meeting the person

5. You even dream about visiting the most romantic getaways around the world while holding hands

6. You start blushing on just hearing the name of that person. AWWW!!!

7. Every time you watch that romantic flick, you imagine that the lead characters are the two of you

8. When you imagine that moment when you hugged each other for the first time…Priceless, isn’t it?

9. You look for new excuses to talk to that person over phone

10. …you end up talking the whole night and snoozing at your classroom or your office cubicle

11. You feel lonely and incomplete without that person around, even when you are surrounded by hundreds of people

12. Stressful days don’t take a toll on you. In fact, you’re so happy you know this person, that nothing worries you at all these days.

13. The thought of not talking, meeting or even texting this person for a few days will leave you shattered

14. That’s exactly how your face looks when you strike a conversation with this special person