We All Have Silly Little Superstitions We Believe In But These… These Take The Cake!


Superstitions have been haunting man kind since the beginning of time, it can be a case of ignorance or a case of past experiences. A huge percentage of people in the world bank on the beliefs of superstitions to bring them good luck or riches or rather just do anything to make sure one doesn’t fall into the pit of bad luck. Superstition over the years have bent on to the point of obsession controlling the minds of humans and putting them into the path of belief in order to attain good luck and a better life and more importantly concretely keeping them at peace psychologically. From around the globe, and believe me every country has their share of superstition and stupidity, we have chosen 15 of the strangest superstitions still followed and believed around the globe till date. Watch , laugh, believe, call it stupid, the choice is yours.

1. On the wedding day if any one of the couple drops the ring then that one will be the first to die. Ya right!

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2. During eclipses, expectant mothers from Mexico and some other parts of Latin America frequently wear bright red panties with a safety pin tucked through them, the result of a tradition dating back to Mayan days. It seems those tribes believed that the eclipse released energy that could cause birth defects and to ward off its power, pregnant women would step outside only if they tied a red string around their waists with an arrowhead attached to it

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3. The Mirror Curse- According to Russians and a few others breaking a mirror would result in 7 years of bad luck.Well sadly most of us haven broken a mirror and have faced bad luck!

4. Horse shoe- well some believe and I have no idea as to how they have come to this conclusion that a horse shoe will bring you good luck, especially if the end points towards you!

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5. Knocking wood and balls- In most western countries in order to ward off disobeying a superstition rule one would knock wood, Argentina gets better, they just knock their balls, left one to be precise, don’t have balls?? Touch your left boob then.

6. Coming across a Goat-The goat has been associated with debauchery, lust and the Devil for thousands of years – and is also believed to absorb any evil or harm that may cross your path. That’s why it was once considered good luck to encounter a goat when travelling to an important meeting.

7. If a bird poos on your house, you’ll be rich-In Russia, if a bird defecates on you, your car or your property it’s good luck, and may bring you riches. The more birds involved, the richer you’ll be!

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8. The Octopus decides! Making an animal choose the winning team apparently has a psychological effect on the players and determine the outcome of the game. Paul the octopus proved this weird superstition in the 2010 Football Worldcup

9. If three people are photographed together, the one in the middle will die first.

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10. The number of Xs in the palm of your right hand is the number of children you will have.

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11. Friday the 13nth- Known that Judas the 13nth disciple betrayed jesus on a Friday resulting in his death. Most people stay at home on Friday the 13nth.

12. Kissy nose- Romanians believe that if your nose is itchy it means that someone around wants to kiss you. Well in that case I should have got plenty of kisses everyday!

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13. South Korean fan death- It’s an extremely entrenched belief in South Korea that if you go to sleep with a fan on in your room, you will die. The belief is so strong that even medical professionals in the country warn against it. All electric fans sold in South Korea come with a timer setting, which automatically turns the fan off after a few minutes, protecting South Koreans from believed fan related deaths such as hypothermia and asphyxiation.

14. The milky truth-Among the thousand superstitions Indians have a typical practice at Indian weddings is to put a ring into a big bowl of milk, and have the bride and groom root around in there until one of them finds it. So what does it mean? Whoever finds the ring is the spouse that will wear the pants in the relationship.

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15. Rubbing Victor Noir’s Tomb, Paris- Touching the groin area of the statue topping his grave is said to bring luck in love and fertility. The reposed statue has a prominent crotch area, and countless rubs from visitors have changed its shade. In 2004, officials fenced it off to protect it from “lewd rubbing,” though some intrepid visitors still go for it.

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16. In Greece as tradition goes, if an unmarried woman places a bag of blessed sugarcoated almonds (Koufeta) underneath her pillow, she will dream of the man she is supposed to spend the rest of her life with.

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