There Is Something Hauntingly Mesmerizing About What Someone Found In A Forest In Belgium


In the forests near the Belgium village of Chatillon there is a spectacle most people would consider weird and kind of creepy. In the eerie silence of the forest, you’d probable expect to see some wildlife or hear the birds chirping but when you reach this particular spot all you see is a graveyard. Don’t be fooled, this is not just any graveyard. This particular one has a claim to fame like none other in that it consists of hundreds of cars that have been abandoned and the arrangement makes it look like they were all stuck in a traffic jam when the owners just gave up and left. There are some who would claim that these cars were once owned by US soldiers who abandoned them here at the end of WWII. Believe what you will about this place but one thing is for sure… it’s the strangest thing you’ll ever see in a forest!