How Something As Simple As Eating Right Can Change Your Life!


Everyone keeps harping on and on about eating habits and how they should be but is there any merit to what they say? Think about it for a second. Junk food is not all that cheap and it does not give you what you need to stay healthy where as a good home cooked meal could give you all the nourishment you need and help you save they money you waste on pizzas and soda’s! If you are still not convinced that eating right is worth the effort, just read the remainder of this article and see if we can’t convince you to change your eating habits!

1. You poop regularly. 
Good healthy food boost your metabolism and digest easy, hence regular poop will come your way making you feel light and less toxic.

2. Your clothes fit better
Well obviously if you eat right your tummy and the rest of you slim down to the point where all that stress is no longer on a few buttons. Your clothes fit better and you feel sexier.

3. You sleep better.   
Getting up in the middle of the night coz your stomach was pumped with junk and now you feel all those gases trying to find a way out?? Well no more if you eat healthy, sound sleep is what you are going to be getting after a healthy meal.

4. You stop taking unnecessary medicines
Well why take those meds to boost those levels up when you can get them off healthy food?? You will stop those indigestion meds if you are eating healthy too.

5. Increased sex drive
Obviously if you eat right you are gonna feel lighter, meaning that you will be more comfortable with your body and its look, plus there is nothing like having fit sex to start with.

6. After dinner you actually have the energy to watch a movie and other romantic activities
Yes the heavier your dinner is the lazier you are going to be on the couch. Eating right makes you feel light, satisfied and more active. Even after eating. Gone are the days where the last thing you do in the day is eat.

7. You maintain your weight without obsessing about it and stressing yourself out to cut those calories. Eating right will keep you in tone.

8. Keep away those diseases
Having enough and sufficient nutrients and vitamins can increase your immune system and help keep those diseases at bay. Ever heard of the saying ‘a apple a day keeps the doctor away’??Its true.

9. You start drinking a lot more water
With eating healthy a few glasses of water will do the trick. The more hydrated you are the better.

10. You become a better cook
When it comes to junk, the ingredients are no head breaker. Although when one has to fix a meal with the right ingredients, the combination and amounts really matter. Now you have to make real tasty foods from simple and healthy ingredients.

11. Portion control gets easier, because healthy food fills you up faster than junk, hence you basically eat the right amounts your body needs.

12. Your skin starts to glow
Obviously being hydrated, eating the right nutrients and minerals and resulting in good sex is going to lead to you glowing like a bulb. You’re going to look healthy, your skin radiant and glowing to match that perfect smile.

13. No more empty pockets
No junk means no wastage of money anymore, eating right is a money saver comparatively and is going to help you save a few crucial bucks at the end of the day.

14. You have increased mental  clarity
No stomach ailments, no indigestion and feeling heavy, well this is going to result in you thinking clearly with having these problems out of the window. Increase your level of thought with no other niggles and worries.

15. Forget intense workouts and putting your body under strain.
Eating in right proportions is going to put your weight in check, no need for you to slog at the gym to drop those few inches. A 20 minute run hand in hand with a balanced meal is going to put you in fine shape.

16. You realize that vegetables by themselves can be very tasty.

17. Your body is used to a standard and regular meal time.
Binging on junk food might force you to skip the next meal, which is certainly going to affect your body. Eating right is going to get you eating the next meal on time.