These Are The Strangest, Weirdest & Most Shocking Things Found In Sewers! Especially #6


A sewer is a complex collection of pipes running under our feet that are meant to carry away human waste but sometimes, just sometimes, you tend to find the darndest things in them. Things like these!

1. This 600 pound alligator was found in a 3 foot wide drain in Texas in 2006. It was so fat that it couldn’t even move in the pipe.

2. A cow was found in a manhole in Fuji after people heard mooing sounds.

3. A jaw bone was found in the sewers of Edmonton. Still not sure what animal this belongs to.

4. In Surrey, when workers sent down a floating camera into the sewer system during a routine check, what they saw was a sheep just roaming around in the sewer. It must have wandered in through an opening somewhere!

5. Half a mini car was found in the large sewers of London.

6. Hand Grenades found in the sewers of Central London.

7. World War II bullets

8. Authorities in Scotland found, of all things, a fax machine in the Scottish sewer system.

9. Human Placentas were pulled out of a drain in Illinois in 2009.

10. In 2009 workers at a water treatment plant in Japan pulled out about $56,000 worth of gold from the sludge.

11. It took the authorities many day to get rid of a massive deposit of fat from the London sewers which had grown to the size of a bus.

12. A bike pulled from a Trent drain

13. A pink bicycle was found in the sewers in Scotland

14. A cleaner in Essex, England found an Omega, two Rolexes and a Franck Muller watch in a drain near the Chalkwell Railway Station worth about $93,000.

15. False Teeth

16. A Puppy that was rescued from a drain in Victoria.

17. Underwear that was retrieved from a Bridgnorth drain that clogged up the sewers.

18. A baby was dumped in a sewer and only to be rescued after a passerby heard the screams of the baby in Sydney, Australia.