Supernatural Occurrences That Prove Ghosts Might Be Real


The existence of ghosts and supernatural entities has been a topic of endless debates amongst people since time immemorial. A large section of people believe that these are phony theories and superstitious beliefs, used for telling interesting stories. However, here are few images which may actually give you a whole new perception about these entities.

1. Railroad Crossing
Apparently, in the 1930’s, a group of school kids were killed at this spot when a train collided with the vehicle they were traveling in, at this very railroad crossing in San Antonio, Texas. Ever since the tragedy many people have claimed to have felt that their vehicles were pushed forward while crossing these tracks. It’s believed that it’s the spirits of these kids who do it in a bid to prevent further tragedies.

2. The Brown Lady of Raynem Hall
One of the most famous ghost images of all time, ‘The Brown Lady’ has been used by many paranormal activity enthusiasts to prove the existence of spirits. This picture, believed to be taken in 1936 at the Raynem Hall estate in England, shows lady Townshend, who once lived here. Her husband, suspecting that she was cheating on him, forbade her from leaving the house, and even prevented her from meeting her kids. After her death, her apparition started haunting the property.

3. The Newby Church Monk
Even holy places are not spared by the wrath of freaky entities. This picture was taken by Reverand K.F Lords in 1963 at the Norby Church, near Yorkshire, England. According to the priest, nobody was actually present at the time of the picture, but after processing, a figure clad in a robe and with two holes on the face was discovered.

4. The Baby Near The Grave
A woman had taken a picture of her 17 year old daughter’s grave during one of her visits to the place. She was shocked when she saw a baby in the picture after the photograph was developed. It’s said that the woman didn’t see any children near the grave, nor did the child resemble her daughter’s in her childhood. It remains an unsolved mystery till date.

5. Grandpa’s Ghost
When a woman decided to take a picture of her grandma and she got more than she bargained for. The man seen in the picture behind the grandma is her grandfather who had died a little over a decade before this photo was taken.

6. The Old Woman At The Antique Shop
A woman wanted to have a picture of her along with the husband against the backdrop of this antique shop. This picture, taken approximately seven years ago, strangely revealed an old woman staring at the couple. It’s said that the woman wasn’t present in the frame when the photo was taken.

7. Spirit in the Woods
This photograph was taken in 1959 in a forested area near Alice Springs, Australia. Since there was no Photoshop in those days, and the photographer swears that this woman was not present when the picture was take, we can only assume that this is something… else

8. The Freaky Group Photo
This group picture captured a special student who was not registered with the school. The pupils and the teachers could identify all the children in the picture except one.

9. The Crawling Apparition
A man filmed her little one playing in the living room, but later realized that there was someone else in the room who also had a great time. It’s rumored that the apparition is that of her mother’s, who passed way long time before this picture was taken.

10. Freddy Jackson
What seemed like an ordinary group picture of the Royal Air Force shocked everyone in it. When the photograph was developed, there he was, Freddy Jackson, a mechanic who was killed in a freak accident caused by an airplane propeller. The worst part was that this picture was taken AFTER his death.

11. Church Ghost
This picture was taken at the Sefton Church in England. The photographer claimed that no one was present at the time, but the picture revealed a completely different story. It showed a man dressed in black, who is believed to be the spirit of a minister.

12. A Friendly Ghost
Two women went out for a stroll and decided to get a picture taken. They were shocked when they realized that someone else, who wanted desperately to pose with them, also appeared in the same frame. Apparently there was no one next to them at the time.

13. The Toy Shop
People who frequently visited this toy shop called ‘Toys R Us’, near California, often complained of paranormal activities such as objects falling on their own, and many others such occurances. An investigative team photographed this infrared image which captured a tall man leaning against the wall. It’s believed that he is behind all the strange occurrences.

14. Backseat Ghost
This shocking moment was captured in 1959 by a woman after she visited her mother’s grave. She wanted to capture her husband who was driving the car, but little did she know that the photograph would also reveal her dead mother wearing glasses sitting behind. The woman claimed that there was nobody in the backseat when the picture was taken.

15. The Phantom Pilot
This lady wanted a picture of her sitting in the cockpit of a chopper. While the picture was being taken, she complained that it was rather cold in the cockpit but no one gave it too much thought till the photo was develop and there sitting beside her was the ghostly form of the pilot.