Surprising Habits of the Futurist Billionaire James Richman


James Richman’s ascent in the world of finance was quite rapid. Since the inception of his private investment firm, he and his clients have enjoyed several consecutive years of increased profits.

This is to the delight of his clients who are wealthy families, ultra high net-worth individuals, and successful organizations.

Richman is an interesting figure. The highly secretive billionaire born in Latvia has endured a good share of defeats throughout his life. However, these defeats never broke James Richman. Instead, sources who refuse to be named believe that these defeats have built and fortified him into the solid and successful man that he is now.

Despite James Richman’s wisdom, power, and net worth, he remains as simple as anyone you can find. One would be quite surprised by the way he approaches certain things and tasks. Here are 5 surprising habits of James Richman.

Social media allergy

Despite the current frenzy which has developed over the majority of the globe’s population and organizations, James Richman still keeps himself at a safe distance from any social media platforms. This does not necessarily make him any less of a private wealth manager for his fellow UHNWI, as evidenced by the profits he makes. He just wants to preserve his private life and stays clear from unnecessary undertakings which may consume his time.

Discovering unique patterns

James has carried this habit ever since he was a child growing up in the little town Smarde of the Tukums region in Latvia. He would often see patterns in anything that he observed, pictures, paintings, grazing animals and anything under the sun. Sources say he was able to predict small future events using these patterns. He has Asperger’s syndrome, a high functioning, advanced cognition autism condition which tends to manifest in repeating the behavior. This sort of explains his ability to recognize patterns which are hidden to the normal eye. This habit of his certainly works wonders in the financial world.

Importance of eternal learning

James was not able to finish his formal education. The private investment extraordinaire dropped out of school at the early age of 15. This did not stop him from learning though, as he gained most of his wisdom through experience combined with relentless trial and error. Through self-education, James was able to master the intricacies of financial investments and has dominated his craft ever since.

Fondness of space travel

As a small boy, James has been engrossed in space travel for many years. He was a big fan of cosmonauts and astronauts while he was growing up. This may partly explain his recent moves in investments, as he is reportedly injecting several millions of dollars into space travel companies’ R&D. Aside from being his boyhood wonder, he sees enormous potential in this technology.

Not afraid of getting his hands dirty

Despite being a billionaire, James is said to be very hands-on in his work. He personally handpicks potential investors and sees to it that they are within the ultra-high net worth range. He is no stranger to manual labor, as he worked to feed his family during his early years.

James Richman is a very successful fund manager worth billions of dollars. Yet, this man never seemed to forget who he really is. At the same time, his simple life is a means of cutting any unnecessary expenses and nips overconfidence right in the bud.