Would You Survive If Your Heart Was OUTSIDE Your Chest? This Boy Did!


One of the biggest victories of parenting is the birth of a healthy baby. While most parents are blessed with normal children, there are also a few unlucky couples who are not so lucky. However here’s a great story which left the world of medical science dumbfounded.

Ryan Marquiss, a 5-year old boy from Pennsylvania, leads a life like any other child. He is pampered by his sisters and parents. However, a chapter of Ryan’s life which ended just a few years ago is nothing short of a miracle. He is one of the handful of survivors of a medical condition which occurs very rarely in humans.  This defect, called ‘Ectopia Cordis’, made Ryan’s chances of survival quite slim. Ryan was born only with half a heart which was protruding out of his body. Ryan’s parents were informed about this problem by the doctors well before his birth, who also concluded that the baby wouldn’t live. They were also told that 8 in a million babies with Ryan’s condition would survive. It’s said that traditionally, most kids delivered with such conditions would either perish in a matter of just 3 days or just be stillborn. However, the parents refused to abort the child and hoped that the child would fight his way through this medical disorder.

Doctors of Children’s National Medical Centre were of the opinion that even if Ryan survived for a few days, he would die eventually since his exposed heart could lead to external infections. The boy’s heart also had just one artery which would make the blood circulation really complicated, as compared to other normal babies. Ryan went through many surgeries in a matter of just 2 years, and miraculously he survived all these operations.  The objective of all these surgeries was to make Ryan’s half heart work as any normal human heart would.

All these surgeries on the young lad finally paid off, the doctors managed to seal the boy’s heart under the skin using paddings. Ryan’s mother feels that the boy should wear paddings under his t-shirt while spending time outside to prevent the chances of any damages to the heart. Though Ryan’s parents are really happy that their lad survived the wrath, they are hoping that another miracle would follow shortly. Though their child cannot become an athlete, the couple hopes to see their boy play at a park and climb branches of trees like other kids of his age.