‘Swim With the Fishes’ at Dolphin Discovery near Cancun’s Moon Palace


If you’ve always wanted to swim with dolphins, you may want to start booking your next trip to Cancun. A new park opening near Moon Palace in Cancun (Mexico) just announced a multi-million-dollar investment to make it one of the biggest and best dolphin experiences in the world. Swimming with one of the smartest marine animals surrounded by the beautiful Mexican Caribbean may be the perfect vacation.

Dolphin Discovery will begin construction in 2020 as the result of a $10million investment. Particularly, the Mexican firm behind the new dolphin experience started its first park in Quintana Roo in 1994. Now the company owns and operates 23 parks which continue to attract Mexicans and tourists. Dolphin Discovery may even surpass Sea World as the largest dolphin swimming experience company in the world.

Located just five kilometers from the airport and near the popular Moon Palace in Cancun (Mexico), the park expects to attract many tourists. Specifically, the company projects a 6% growth in visitor numbers for the coming years.

Eduardo Albor Villanueva, the company’s CEO, said that the project would establish his firm as the dolphin experts. However, not everyone is happy about the idea of keeping so many dolphins captive for visitors to enjoy. This may present some problems for the park set to open near Moon Palace in Cancun (Mexico).

Troubled Waters

While not all species of dolphin are endangered, these animals face real man-made threats. Notably, in 2006 one species of dolphin became extinct, causing the environmental community to increase their protection efforts.

Sustainability is a hot topic in Mexico since its Caribbean beaches became threatened due to construction and pollution. Many conservationists rushed to spread their concerns to the public after several companies announced projects in Cancun. Because of this, Dolphin Discovery addressed concerns in the project’s environmental impact statement:

The project hopes to offer our visitors and the community in general…the opportunity to get to know sea mammal species like dolphins, while at the same time promote protection of the environment and marine mammals through interactive programs.

The creators of the park hope that visitors might gain a newfound appreciation for sea life by interacting with it. However, many people have never interacted with sea life. This creates a problem when trying to raise awareness about protecting these animals. Because of this, the company justifies the park as giving the public an opportunity to create a bond of ‘love’ and ‘respect’.

According to the park’s website:

Dolphin Discovery contributes everyday to the study and conservation of Marine Mammals by creating a bond of love and respect through the best interaction experience in marine habitats around the world.

While various marine wildlife and conservation alliance certifications appear on the website, the park is still controversial. In 2017 the Mexican Green Party placed a moratorium on parks like the one near Moon Palace in Cancun (Mexico). The reason being that keeping marine mammals in captivity is unethical and damages their health and well-being.

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