Sydney Buyers Turn To Charity Lotteries


The Sydney real estate market is a competitive one, to be sure. For many younger people, eager to purchase their first home, the challenges of getting to the top of the heap for a good home makes for a long list indeed. It is for this reason that many families, couples, and individuals are turning to charity lotteries.

Despite the inherent odds of a charity lottery, many of which draw hundreds of thousands of entrants, many Sydney buyers see these drawings as their best bet. Because of the popularity of these drawings, a number of organizations, such as the RSL Art Union Charity, have become fixtures on the market.

A Look At Sydney Charity Lotteries

Charities such as RSL have noted an increasing number of younger participants in their charity events. This is likely due to the skyrocketing costs associated with buying a home on the Sydney real estate market. For many, it is simply not financially viable to explore these options on their own. The RSL Art Union Charity is a good example of what they stand to gain. A recent drawing from the RSL awarded the lucky winner a three-bedroom penthouse, valued at a staggering $1.5-million. Some of their properties have reached values as significant as $6-million and change.

For the $1.5-million property, which was part of a drawing held two years ago, more than two million $5 tickets were sold. The majority of those purchases came from individuals ranging from their early 30s to early 50s.

The Opportunity To Win A Home

There is no question either that these charities are indeed legitimate. Of course, the odds of winning are considerable, but there is no element of fraud to be considered here. The RSL actively help Australians by fundraising — the money generated by RSL have contributed millions in aid and various forms of assistance to those who need it.

As of this writing, there have been more than 370 giveaways by the RSL Art Union Charity. As far as many people are concerned, the RSL Art Union Charity is the most impressive. This is not only in terms of how much money they generate, and the fact that the money helps current and former military personnel and their families, but also in terms of the homes and apartments that are given away. They represent some of the most beautiful, luxurious properties to be found not only in the Sydney area, but in Australia as a whole.

What Is The RSL Art Union Charity?

The RSL Art Union’s origins can be traced to the end of World War I in 1918. However, the charity as it is currently known didn’t really get up and running until the 1950s. Charity lotteries are hardly a new invention. At the same time, RSL has been something of a game-changer. Their massive prizes are some of the most exciting in recent memory.

It helps the credibility of the drawings that RSL Art Union is one of the top Australian charities. They have provided millions of dollars in assistance and care to soldiers experiencing emotional or physical difficulties after their service has concluded. This includes educational opportunities, a number of programs, safe housing options, and much more.

The charity holds roughly ten home drawing events throughout the year. In addition to these drawings, with properties valued at 1-million or more, the charity also has gold and cash drawings. There are weekly drawings that can earn an individual up to 5K. There are also quarterly cash drawings of 10K. However, keep in mind that these specific drawings are available exclusively to VIP supports of the charity. These individuals also receive automatic entries into the home giveaways.


Obviously, despite the many other drawings being offered, the most popular ones remain the home lotteries. For as little as $10, an individual can put their name in the same bucket as 2+ million others. Naturally, those who want to have the best possible odds will want to purchase tickets in bulk. This can be done at a discount.

Regardless of how many tickets you purchase, the lottery is ultimately a win-win for everyone involved. Sydney residents have the opportunity to get the home of their dreams. The charity uses these funds to provide some essential services.