The 10 Best Gift Ideas for Your Boss


When special occasions arise in the office, it may be necessary to give your boss a gift. In most situations, a typical gift just won’t do. If you want to make a lasting impression, then a thoughtful and elegant gift is what you’ll need to find. Fortunately, there are more options than you might realize. This can make it easy to find the one that suits your boss, their interests, and their taste the best.

1. Custom Travel Mug

For a boss that always has coffee or tea in their hand, a personalized travel mug can be an excellent gift. You can have this engraved with their initials or name for something truly special and unique. By choosing a travel mug instead of a traditional mug, they’ll be able to take their beverage anywhere they go.

2. Airline Gift Card

For a boss who loves to travel, a gift card to their most traveled airline is a great gift idea. Since they’ll be able to choose their flight, you won’t have to worry that you’re picking the wrong destination or time for their schedule. You can even go in with a few co-workers to give them a gift card that can help them travel to a faraway destination.

3. Fitness Tracker

If your boss is into fitness and regularly tries to work out, then a fitness tracker is something they’ll likely find useful. These are great for counting steps, calories burned, and distance traveled while working out. These will also show the time and can work with cell phones to notify them of calls and text messages.

4. Gourmet Food Gift Basket

While a gift card to your boss’s favorite restaurant will be a surefire winner, a gift basket can be an excellent personalized alternative. Inside, you can place a variety of different gourmet foods that you think they will like. With so many gourmet foods available, this can easily be one of the luxury gifts that they enjoy for days or even weeks. Some tasty examples you can add to the basket include:

  • Local gourmet cookies
  • Bourbon maple syrup
  • Gourmet popcorn
  • German chocolate
  • Fine wine
  • Organic crackers
  • Gourmet fudge

5. Luxury Pen

Although it’s simple, a high-end pen is one of the best luxury gifts you can give to someone who is writing all the time. You can even have one of these engraved so the pen they have is that much more special. While there are many of these to choose from, do some research to find brands that stand out from others.

6. Designer Tie

Most bosses wear suits at least once per week while on the job. If yours wears them frequently, then a tie can be a gift they wear often and genuinely appreciate. However, instead of buying a tie from a traditional department store, make it more special by choosing one from a designer brand. These are well-made, look sharp with suits, and have attractive designs.

7. Luggage

Another gift perfect for a boss that always travels is a high-end carry-on suitcase. This can be something that they use every time they go out of town, whether for business or personal reasons. Bags with hard sides are normally the best, as these can withstand the wear and tear of flights so the items inside are kept safe.

8. Leather Technology Cases

Help your boss keep their laptop or tablet safe by gifting them an elegant technology case made with leather. This material will last for years and can even be customized with their name or initials for something truly special.

9. Custom Case for Business Cards

A custom business card case is the perfect gift for a boss who is always giving their card out to clients. These are elegant for any profession and can easily fit into a pocket.

10. Show Tickets

Treat your boss to a night out with tickets to a show that they’ll like. Just make sure to purchase multiple tickets so they can go with their partner or a friend.

A Memorable Gift

Any of the gifts above will be appreciated by your boss, no matter what the occasion. Not only are they thoughtful, but they’re also elegant and worth showing off.