The Best Night Clubs In Miami For Bottle Service


Miami has a plethora of beach clubs for the party lovers due to its location and you are bound to have a great time under the moonlight near the sea with great clubs all around. Here is the list of the best night clubs in Miami:

1. Wall Miami Beach

Wall is the most popular night club in Miami. The dance floor present here is surrounded by VIP banquettes and LED screens for great music experience. There is no specific dress code but you need to be there in a party dress. It is best to book a table in advance to avoid the hassle buying at the last moment which might sometimes be not possible due to excessive crowd. Check out for more information.

2. Komodo

Komodo has offers a great dance floor where some amazing music is played for the guests to enjoy the party experience.  The cocktails served here are interesting as well. This place plays great music, serves great food and has an excellent crowd for partying. The bar has bold aesthetics and there are special programs during the weekend. Some of the top musicians have performed here over time. The trendsetting artwork of the place makes it stand out from the other clubs. You will be able to book the passes over the mobile phone itself.

3. LIV

LIV is counted among the best places where you can have the best time of your life in Miami. This place is known for the live performances that are held here regularly.  Best DJs, cocktails, and food are a specialty over here which makes it a perfect party place. The skyboxes, bottle service, and the ultra-exclusive lounge present here make it a happening place altogether.

4. E11EVEN

This place has a great ambiance for partying place with an incredible surround sound which makes the music more energetic to dance on. The club is attended by the elites mostly is known for the classic parties organized here. You will find top DJs playing here often along with rappers and dance performers. It is a fun place altogether with great parties.

5. Bardot

This place is an antique place that gives it a retro feeling. It is decorated with artwork and beaming lights around and you will be served cocktails by the bartenders on the spot as it has an open bar area. In addition, there are performances every night. There is a restaurant around as well in case you want to nibble something between the party.

6. Rockwell

The theme of this club is completely eccentric with tech visuals, great surround sound, and performances that are fun to watch.  This place is extremely popular for music and food. There are pool tables at the place, and the crowd is fun as well. This place is well-known in Miami and has top DJs and musicians play over here often which makes it crowded at times.

7. Made in Mynt

There are several fun activities that you can do with your group along with just partying at this place. This place is easy on the pocket for a party experience. The place might be expensive but is counted among the top clubs in Miami. Great food and ambiance are synonymous with this club. Although the space is tight, the music is good along with the food served over here.

8. Ora

If you are planning an astounding party experience then you can head out to this place. It offers good food and ambiance. This place offers the best view of the town and is known for its excellent food service. Some of the top artists perform over here quite often which makes it the place to be if you want to see them live. The parties are certainly fun with good music and excellent food.

9. Story

This place has good food, cocktails, and great dance parties which are held every now and then. This place has a restaurant and a nightclub at three different venues and offers an amazing party experience. This club is certainly the best place for unparalleled and high energy nightlife and if you are someone who is in that zone then you should definitely attend the parties that are held over here regularly. It would surely be an eccentric experience altogether.

10. Nikki Beach

If you are looking for a party place with delightful music, then this place would be perfect for you. This is a pool party club with three large pools for partying along with cabanas, and bungalows where you can party. The open space makes it even more happening.

You should definitely try these places out if you are looking forward to experiencing the nightlife in Miami. The bottle service at all of these clubs is excellent and unique in itself which makes them different from each other.